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Cooking With Oil – Essential Oil Taste Test

Have you used essential oils in your recipes?

My spaghetti sauce is just a simple spaghetti sauce spice packet, can of tomato paste, garlic, butter and water.

From there I add in various spices I have in my cabinet, salt and pepper, Italian ground sausage, burger or meatballs and slow cook it in the crock-pot a couple hours.

It’s not fancy but it makes the house smell of a home cooked meal that could be mistaken for one I’ve spent hours slaving over.

The family likes it and there’s always some to freeze for next time. So fancy or not, it works for our house.

This last time I made this sauce I had a clever idea to try using my doTERRA Oregano and Basil essential oils in place of the spices I had on hand.  Just 1 drop Oregano and 2 drops Basil.





It was like the sauce actually had fresh Oregano and Basil in it! No joke.

Seriously no kidding, it was like I had gone to my backyard, where I do plant basil and oregano in Spring, clipped it, washed it, chopped it and put it in this dish. Since it is winter and those things are not growing right now, it was a very pleasant surprise to use these oils and get the same flavor.

The difference was very noticeable – at least to me.  The rest of my household was just happy I made their favorite and there were extra meatballs and bread.