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February Natural News

February. The month of paper red hearts, Elmer’s glue and vases of flowers. The month of candy heart messages and endearments we share with each other. While it is cold outside we warm each other with expressions of love, care and connection snuggling deep under blankets and togetherness. It is indeed a beautiful month to experience love.

While these relationship connections are important and we honestly need more of them in our life, there is another area of love we need to work on this month. Our own souls, body and spirit also need our attention and connection. Our own health and well-being that we so often put on the bottom of the to-do list and ignore until we cannot anymore deserves some of those endearments this month. We, especially us women, too often put our own needs last and cash out of our own emotional bucket more than we ever put back in. We run on fumes and are often taken by surprise when someone actually asks how we truly are doing. We cut ourselves short on credit, praise and recognition of the work we just do because well it has to be done and often it falls to us to do it.

This month I am focusing on love. All things love but most importantly the love we give ourselves. This isn’t about bubble baths and spa days either but rather the soul deep look at what we are telling ourselves inside. Yes you know that voice. The one that’s talking to you about why you’re drinking so much coffee and not taking better care of yourself. The one you hush because you have a million other to-do things to accomplish and take care of before you can get to your own thoughts. That little voice that reminds you that you do have a name and are more than a mom and wife. You are more than your employee number. You are more.

We’re going to talk about how to reconnect with that voice, improve that relationship and love on that person inside us all more. We’re going to open the door to our hearts and get into why we do the things we do as women and how we start to balance the scale a little more to let our own soul flourish. It’s a truly beautiful experience to hear your own voice sing and feel that warmth of happiness come over you because you are truly content, fulfilled and at peace. That brief fleeting moment when you dare to believe everything will truly be ok and you are indeed ok right this minute.

This is important work for all of us because we deserve it and it’s over due. We too quickly jump to serve, love on and support others foregoing those very same needs inside our own souls. We often look at other women comparing and thinking they have it all together and it all looks so beautiful and graceful. They are put together, organized and on time to everything. We don’t see pass the structured presentation to realize they too are hurting inside. They are lonely. They are struggling too. Way too often we casually answer the question of how we are in passing with a simple ok or great. We know we’re not ok or great at all but the potential burden of that answer is too great to dump on someone in a hallway. Well we’re going to dump it all this month through this blog and really answer that question honestly, openly and candidly.

It’s time to heal our souls, love ourselves and reconnect with what it is like to live more aligned to who we really are. Are you ready to love yourself? Are you strong enough to love yourself? Yes you are and it’s time we do it.

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