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Growing Words I Don't Know How to Speak

This doesn’t seem to happen a lot but when it does I just really seem to stumble like I’ve never done it before in my life. There are three blog posts left to write for May and it has become this struggle to put words on paper. Like literally every time I sit down to write I’m distracted, frustrated or just not into it. It’s maddening because I love to write but I also would like to complete the May writing so I can focus on the other things I do for each month in my business.

Not being able to complete these remaining posts has been going on for about a week now.

Oh sure I’ve had non-stop meetings and work demands, family obligations and more going on but nothing more than usual. I can always seem to find cool ideas to jot down and write about when I get the chance – except right now. Except for when I seem to be stumbling over how to form meaningful sentences. My mind is blank waiting for inspiration to come back from vacation. Here I am trying to share with you all this incredible insight into how you can GROW in your natural health journey and I feel like I’m in need of that again myself.

That’s when it hit me.

I only write about what I have personally experienced, tried, experimented with and know so I can help you. I’ve learned a lot about this GROW theme we have this month and it’s poured onto the screen as easy as melted butter. Yet I hit a wall with these last couple posts because I still needed to GROW more. I still had my own work to do on this topic so I could experience it and share it. I needed to clear the clutter and dig around for where that area was and that was exactly why my brain was blank when I went to write these posts!

Even gurus and experts need to continually explore their own being.

There are times I’m still figuring out so much in my own life. Most days I have no idea how to do the whole mom thing though I’ve heard many people say they think I’m a master at it. There’s also a lot of days I’m flying by the seat of my pants at work, home and this business. The beauty and curse of life is there is no manual. Over time we as a people have applied some parameters of what polite and acceptable behavior represents but for the most part these are self imposed. There still isn’t a manual for everything. For much of we have to figure it out as we go along.

Realizing I was struggling with how to share with you my own GROW journey meant I had some growing to do of my own. I’m humble enough to admit I don’t have all the answers. Yet I believe it is that very humbleness that creates this space where I can explore, be open to new ideas and experiment safely alongside you on this journey. The path is wide enough to allow for learning. We can figure out how to live our best lives more naturally all by just being open to learning and exploring. Through this process we can develop new wisdom, enhance our current knowledge and be more technically able to apply it to our own lives. It is actually pretty remarkable we have this capacity for learning that can ignite our souls in fresh passion.