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How Much EMF Are You Carrying Around?

When someone comes to see me for EMF Remediation services, there is this common belief they are literally carrying EMF in their body. I had one client describe it as this extra weight she felt in her hands making them heavy to lift. That may sound dramatic but the effects of EMF on our health are significant and can actually present as this heaviness, bloat type feeling inclusive of physical pain, mental exhaustion, and emotional anxiety. Given the amount of people suffering with these types of symptoms I think it bears consideration that it could just be the EMF we are carrying around.

Scientifically speaking, your body doesn't actually carry EMF in the same way it does nutrients, toxins, or last night's tacos. Now that might sound misleading given the title of this post is literally, "How much EMF are you carrying around?" but hear me out. While we are not carrying EMF literally, what we are carrying are the effects of EMF and that is happening at the cellular level just like nutrients, toxins, and tacos. These effects are what are causing the symptoms being experienced and the inability to make progress on health changes.

So, let's start at the beginning.

What is EMF?

EMF or Electromagnetic Fields are a old thing that's existed since the dawn of time when man first invented electricity, but now this simple great invention has gone extreme. Electricity creates EMFs which are invisible forms of energy, often called radiation or wavelengths. They are categorized by their frequency generated on the electromagnetic spectrum.

First we have ionizing radiation that is a higher frequency emission. We are more familiar with the risks of this type through the use of x-rays. This is where they put the special weighted vest on you when you get your teeth x-rays done for example. We know this type of radiation wavelength is harmful to the body and therefore these precautions are put in place as protection. Luckily, these types of wavelengths are often temporary and we are not constantly exposed to them. While ideally we would never want this type of exposure it is sometimes necessary. Later in this post I'll provide you information on detoxing from this type of EMF.

The other type is non-ionizing radiation which includes low frequency radiation, radio frequency, and visible light. The amount of non-ionizing radiation in our daily lives has increased significantly with the emergence of cell phones, cell towers, laptops, smart appliances and increased electricity use. Where this becomes a problem is that we are now no longer able to commonly get away from and take a break from these wavelengths around our body. As we have increased technology we have also increased this wavelength pollution and the ramifications to our health are also increasing. In many ways non-ionizing radiation is now more harmful than ionizing.

Sources of Daily EMF Exposure

To give you an idea of how much EMF you are being hit with even as you read this article, here's a list of the most commonly daily EMF exposures we encounter. See how many you check.

  • House smart meters for electricity, water, and other utilities into your home

  • Household appliances - air fryer, refrigerator, stove, microwaves, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, washer and dryer, TVs, gaming systems

  • Mobile devices - cell phones, Ipads, laptops

  • Motion detected lights

  • Power lines and infrastructure - these emit both types of radiation depending on the technology and proximity to living spaces

  • Wireless networks - routers and bluetooth devices

  • Airtags

  • Smart pet collars and tags

  • Blue light devices

  • Electric vehicles

Even when you think are you're taking a break from tech, it is still following you everywhere with wavelengths that are impacting your health. It may not be single instance that causes the problem usually, but combined with the many sources around us producing EMF it takes a toll on the body over time. Additionally, your age, health state, immune health, stress level and many other health factors play into the susceptibility and sensitivity you will have with EMF. This makes it difficult for scientists to clearly state the ramifications of EMF and determination for what is actually too much when it comes to EMF. Yet, we all can agree it is a problem and growing.

A simple example to see how this works is to ask when was the last time your cell phone was not in your hand or close by?

The Effects of Constant EMF Exposure

There is a debate about how much EMF is too much. You'll often hear about this when there is community discussion for installing a new cell tower to the latest x-G version that is available. As we increase our technology dependency and demand for its fast speed connectivity and response our EMF levels will also continue to increase. What's more important than this debate though, is that we already realize EMF is having an effect on our health. The real question becomes how do we mitigate these risks now and are they enough to protect us as long term?

Thermal Effects of EMF

These are the most well established and understood EMF side effects currently. Again this is ionizing radiation that comes from x-rays. The result is tissue temperature changes that over time can cause damage from overheating. It can also prevent your body from self-regulating temperature resulting in further health complications.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from EMF

This is a collection of symptoms resulting from overwhelming amounts of EMF exposure. This is the non-ionizing radiation. Usually there is an underlying condition the individual already has that exaggerates this sensitivity too, such as weakened immune response, age, chronic disease and more. However, more and more people are experiencing symptoms without other underlying conditions to trigger them. These symptoms can include fatigue, dizziness, skin irritation as well as things like irritability, moodiness, insomnia, and appetite depression. Most commonly, this stems from in-home exposure such as from Wifi routers, cellphones, smart TVs and appliances.

Cancer from EMF

Currently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies EMF as possibly carcinogenic to humans. This is where limitations in current scientific studies of EMF have yet to catch up. If EMF can cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, skin irritation, dizziness and more than it is effecting our cellular health and could logically also be linked to more chronic diseases such as cancers. This is not to sound paranoid but I do think the inability to at least consider it and research it further is needed to know for sure. Cancer is one of the top causes for death worldwide so anyway we can eliminate the reasons people are developing that disease is important in my humble opinion.

Reproductive Health Problems from EMF

Cellphones have been shown to negatively influence male reproductive health. Prolonged use and reduced sperm quality has been linked through studies. Cellphones are the one device most commonly on a person at all times these days and most men carry it in their pockets which is near their reproductive system so this only makes sense that it would create this concern. Please note there are many reasons for male sperm quality issues which may or may not be from EMF but when combined with EMF the problems expands.

Neurological Effects of EMF

Changes in our brain activity, cognitive function, memory, and sleep patterns are all influenced by EMF exposure. Further this influences the nervous system that is carrying messages throughout the body. Here too, the science is "inconclusive" but with the growing number of people experiencing stress, disrupted sleep, cognitive decline and disease like dementia here too I think further research needs to catch up to what is happening in our health.

Cardiovascular Effects of EMF

Like the other effects listed above, EMF also effects our cardiovascular system including, blood pressure, heart rate variability and energy. This can be a contributor to the growing number of people experiencing unexplained rises in blood pressure requiring medication.

While I understand the need for more research, I do believe there is enough that is known that as consumers we need to be concerned for our health. This is where I believe we must be our own best health advocate in navigating these issues. In my opinion, these effects clearly do have merit and the consequences of ignoring them could mean severe complications in our health.

From a personal perspective, understanding the effects EMF is having on humans begs the question for what it is doing to our wildlife, domestic animals and nature itself. Like humans, animals and nature are also highly resilient but the long term effects of EMF are so misunderstood right now that we don't fully understand the consequences from it in my opinion.

How to Know What Your EMF Risk Exposure is

Working with a holistic health practitioner can help you determine your EMF exposure areas. I muscle test my clients as well as their environments to develop a list of where their EMF is in their homes. This then gives us a great list to work on remediating these areas. It is surprising to many people where EMF is coming from and how when we find it there is a link to the symptoms they were experiencing.

I had a client that was waking up with headaches every day. She slept great, had a good diet, drank lots of water, exercised and did a lot of things well. When she went to bed she would feel fine but every morning there was this headache that would stay with her until she started moving around. After she was dressed and ready to go for the day her headache would usually be gone. We checked the normal things like allergens, blood pressure, sleep quality and more only to come up empty handed. Finally, I suggested we test her EMF exposure throughout her home. It turned out that her cellphone which she uses as a morning alarm was right next to her head on her night stand. When we moved the phone further away the headaches went away after a couple nights!

Many holistic health practitioners can perform EMF testing virtually or in-person. You can schedule time with me here:

Remediating Your Risks from Too Much EMF Exposure

So realistically what do we do about EMF in our daily lives? This seems to be the area most of us can reasonably control when it comes to helping protect ourselves. Is it really necessary to throw away our beloved air fryer and revert back to landlines in our home?

I for one love convenience of modern products in my home and think there is value to many of them. For example, new homes for seniors can include special technology to indicate if someone has fallen. That can be a wonderful peace of mind in caring for an elderly parent but at the same time it also introduces EMF risk. What truly is the best answer?

There are steps we can take to remediate the effects of constant EMF exposure. While we may not be able to daily disconnect from it completely to allow a reset of our body's systems to detoxify we can reduce our risks and symptoms from it. Here's what I recommend to clients:

Cell phone EMF Reduction

This is an easy fix and one that is almost always necessary because we are seldom without our cellphone near our body. You simply apply one of these stickers to the back of your phone and it reduces the EMF emission you are exposed to from the phone.

Wearable Devices and EMF

Many people wear smart watches that are used to tell time, answer their phone, track steps and more. These gadgets are incredibly useful and yet they too introduce a constant flow of EMF into our body. There are a couple different options to remediate this risk. One is to wear crystal jewelry that protects the body from negative energy, of which EMF is. I recommend Obsidian and Clear Quartz. My favorite bracelet for this is cute and goes with everything I wear making it both stylish and protecting.

The other option is to apply a chip to the wristband of your wearable smart device. These are excellent for remediating the EMF that is going through your arm all day.

Home Areas with EMF

When an area has been identified in your home as being high in EMF production, we can also remediate this to reduce the effects. An easy one is to unplug the device when not in use. That won't always work for things like your refrigerator but certainly other non-essential devices can be turned off without inconvenience. This is one of the reasons we need to make sure lights are turned off when we leave rooms.

I personally love using crystals pyramids in living spaces where there are high EMF producing devices that are not easily unplugged. Placing these next to or close by can help significantly.

One of the hardest things to turn off is the Wifi in the home. That really isn't an option for many people and can be disruptive. This is why I highly recommend a Wifi helmet that allows the Wifi to continue working but reduces the EMF it is spreading throughout the home.

Another fantastic whole home protection is this plug-in EMF blocker. If you have a large home I recommend having one on every floor. They simply plug in to an outlet and work with the home's wiring system to control EMF emission.

Resetting Your Body from EMF Exposure

By far the most important method we can apply to remediate EMF exposure is disconnection. Again, that is not always possible and likely not able to be done regularly to help reset the nervous system in the body but whenever possible it is essential.

Holistically, I offer a EMF remediation service called Mud-Packing. This is done in two phases where we reset the body's energy pathways and restore flow. I like to call it paint less dent repair for the body. It removes the barriers created from EMF and restores nervous system processing similar to acupuncture but without the needles.

Mud-packing uses a specific clay packs along side aloe capsules that are taken throughout the session. The clay packs are applied at specific points in the body where they then draw out the EMF effects and allow the body to stimulate its own healing. Again, similar to acupuncture it releases the blocks where energy is not flowing optimally. The advantage of mud-packing is the relaxing nature of the service as well as being less intimidating than needles. It also provides a much easier way to pull out blocks that can be used on all ages without worry or side effects.

In the first phase we reset your hands and feet since these two areas of the body are most commonly exposed to EMF continually. This can take a couple sessions depending on the severity and symptoms you experience. Once restoration is achieved, regularly resetting through these areas every 3 to 6 months helps maintain this balance.

In the second phase we focus on specific areas of the body that are blocked. This can be from tattoos, EMF, injury, trauma or other pain reasons. Again, this may take a couple sessions to start to see differences but it is very relaxing and comforting in the process of supporting healing through the body. You will need to have completed phase one first to see value in this level of remediation.

When using mud-packing you want to go through a trained holistic health practitioner. It is absolutely necessary not to overwhelm the body in the process of healing. Applying clay packs everywhere it hurts can result in stress because the body is not ready to heal everything at once. The approach has to be methodically done and in steps to avoid this situation and promote healing at the right pace based on the individual.

Please note at Dragonspit Apothecary we only offer mud-packing services for in-person clients to ensure safety and proper application.

We welcome new clients seeking natural and holistic health support. You can schedule a virtual or in-person session at

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