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How to Build Your Business Online -Part II

Posted on September 25, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

This is part 2 of a 3 part series post.

Building online has made direct sales much easier and more profitable for many of us. We are no longer limited by where we live or who we know when it comes to selling our products. This has been a tremendous game changer when it comes to changing the way direct sales is done. While the medium in which we reach customers has changed a lot of the process still remains the same. People are still concerned with value, quality and having someone they trust to provide service and support when they need it. Understanding your customer and how they shop is key to being successful in the online space.

3 Things Not to do Online for Your Business

Posting about your business on your personal page is a huge no. Keep your business separate on it’s own pages and profiles. This allows you keep personal opinions, political views and funny things that don’t align to your business away from your social media presence.

Don’t be fake. There is nothing worse than finding someone you thought you liked and started following them only to learn they are not who they seem. Be upfront about your business with a clear about you description and inclusion of why this business is important to you.

Don’t mislead people.Don’t randomly tag and include people in groups just for your business. Your friends and family may not want to buy from you. Before you add anyone to your social media groups ask if they are interested. When you automatically add all your friends to your group message or Facebook community you run a high risk of many leaving without a word.

3 Great Ways to Have an Online Presence for Your Business