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How You Actually Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight we want to hear the fast, winning stories that actually work. We want that fix to this problem that is preventing our jeans from zipping smoothly and being able to breathe afterwards. We want to not look at the scale and see the number go up after a week of starving ourselves silly.

Despite all the diet plans, meal programs and trendy diet lifestyle products we still struggle to win against the bulge. Giving up carbs, limiting portions and depriving ourselves hasn’t equated to reaching that magical goal weight much less keeping it off long term. The sad fact is we are getting fatter and sicker as a society. Even children are now experiencing obesity, thyroid problems, nervous health and digestive problems at a young age.

So what exactly is the secret to losing weight?

It won’t be popular what I’m about to share because it is neither glamourous or fast. It is also not likely to make you much money which as a natural health practitioner means I’m sharing with you information freely and without profit. Yet it is the formula of success many simply have tuned out.

First of all the calories in/calories out thinking is antiquated and does not work either. We need calories and burning out more than you take in falls in line with the diet mentality. It also is not sustainable long term.

I do not subscribe to the deprivation mentality to losing weight. In my own struggles with dieting and weight management I know how hard it can be to shed pounds. When I became a holistic health practitioner I learned where the dots connected on losing weight and just how drastically different it is from all the lies we are told commercially for how to lose weight from the manufacturers and marketers of diet programs.

Before I share this rather boring tale of how to achieve weight loss it bears setting the ground rules that make it all work.

  • You have to break up with diet thinking for good. If it deprives you, limits you and makes you feel bad or guilty for cheating on it, that is diet thinking. The problem with this mentality is not only do we not lose weight but it sets up our mental health for depression, anxiety and guilt that wears on our being able to love who we are where we are

  • The goal of weight loss has to be bigger than a number. If you’re only focused on losing weight because you think it will get you a job, relationship or make problems go away. Think again. The reason to lose weight is to be good to you. To love the journey you are on in this life and what that means to you. Problems will always be there no matter what size you are.

  • Do not spend one more hot dime on a health coach that is not professionally trained in nutrition and health. “Coach” is a very trendy label these days so you have to beware as a consumer what you are getting. Many coaches are simply trying to sell you products or they are trained in only one type of program that is aligned in traditional diet thinking. That’s not for you… anymore.

  • If food comes in a package with ingredients you cannot pronounce its likely manufactured and will not result in helping you long term lose weight or maintain it. You have to change how you think about food in terms of where it comes from, how it is made and what you are going to d