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In Times of Great & Interesting Week Days

Why doesn’t every day feel like a Friday? Instead of wishing all those days away getting to Friday why can’t they all feel this good? The energy and vibe of Friday uplifts our moods and lets us feel like ourselves. For some reason the same burdens, challenges and difficulties we carried on Thursday just seem lighter when it’s Friday and yet they are the same. Is it because we know there is a reprieve on Saturday and Sunday? That brief window in time when we can just be ourselves and use time as we desire?

It’s really too bad we wait until the week is over to feel like that. Ourselves I mean. There are a lot of hours that pass between Monday and Thursday doing the job, going through the motions and mindlessly grinding it out. Yet, it all changes in us when it becomes Friday. We awake with a new energy that feels free and like we can finally shed these heavy burdens. Maybe it’s just a week day thing?

I love when really cool things happen on a random week day that gives us that free Friday type feeling. What happens to me is I see my normal quiet routine kind of day is shifted to this exciting, high energy rocking it out day. It is a feeling I love because it makes me feel good inside and out. My entire being beams with this radiance that’s contagious and I want to keep this feeling as long as possible. There’s even a smile on my face! That’s what I wish every week day would feel like. Not that I’m seeking the thrill and excitement of big things happening all the time but just something cool, attention grabbing and inspiring that takes the drag out of the day and makes me feel alive.

It feels good to be excited, happy, highly focused and really into what I’m doing. It makes time fly by and the output is this incredible display of creativity, innovation and invention. Imagine if more of us worked like that every day what would be possible in this world! How much better would our health be if we were fully engaged and active in the process of doing work that inspires rather than chains. I like to think it’s the stuff that makes a regular work day feel like a Friday without much effort at all. But not many of us have that in our life. We watch the clock tick to 5 to end our work day and wish it was Friday.

The sad truth is most of us let weeks and months go by without that good vibe feeling even on a Friday! We live for Friday and miss out on the adventure that could come of the rest of the week. It all just seems like too much trouble to bother with more and we’re tired. Let’s all just get to the weekend and relax some shall we? Life is not supposed to be this mind numb, low energy, just get through it situation but that is where we spend an inordinate amount of our time. Before we know it we don’t remember driving home on our regular route, food tastes bland and we’re just floating through life with no zest wondering why our waist lines are getting bigger and our energy is low. Maybe we just need an anti-depressant?

I admit there are days that I feel mind-numb and know that I’m missing out on a regular Tuesday being extraordinary. Who knows it could be the best day of my life and I’m letting it feel like a blah blur. I’m tired, not interested in work or the meeting I’m sitting in, there’s nothing lighting my fire. It’s not as though I have other things I want to do either. This is where we find ourselves scrolling in social media, watching hours of Netflix and eating who knows what. We are self-soothing in the way that seems easiest because we can’t get out of, away from, get rid of or change something that’s too big in our lives to deal with or face. Feeling like we can’t change our circumstances so we gave up trying is where we find ourselves. Sometimes though I question if we even realize we are doing these things. Do we even know that are limiting our very life because of choices we thought were right and were going to take us somewhere but in reality are stifling the very air we breathe?