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Jane The New Wholesale Customer

In many posts I have described how doTERRA is different from other essential oil and natural product companies as well as very different from other MLM or direct marketing companies. That difference starts with the customer experience and support customers receive well before they spend $1 on any doTERRA items.

Today, we’re going to walk through that experience with Jane, a new Wholesale Customer.

Jane works as a receptionist for a local company. She lives alone and doesn’t have a lot of extra money in her budget. She takes evening classes at the local college to work on her Master’s.

3 Months Earlier: Jane’s First Oil Experience

Jane has heard a little bit about essential oils but didn’t really know what it was all about or if it really worked. Her friends invited her to join them at a Essential Oils 101 class they were going to after work. Jane was concerned with this being another “home party” but she went anyway to check it out.

Upon entering the small room at a local church, Jane instantly noticed how wonderful the room smelled. It was fresh and inviting like a mix of citrus and something else. She couldn’t quite figure it out but knew she liked it.

During the class, there were lots of bottles being passed around as the group enjoyed smelling the different oils and hearing about how each could be used in health, home and personal care needs. She was impressed at how much each of the oils could do and how much they were different than she expected.

She had been concerned the smells would make her head hurt like it did sometimes when she went to the bath and body store but that didn’t happen this evening. Jane asked why in the group and learned that often when that happens is it because we are having a chemical reaction through our noses because the products we smell are not natural and therefore irritate our respiratory system. When someone smells a lavender candle for instance versus a lavender pure essential oil they will smell entirely different and our bodies will respond differently.

At the end of the night, Jane knew she wanted some of those oils and that little machine that was putting out that wonderful scent she experienced when she first walked in the room. She learned in the class it was a diffuser and the oils in it were Wild Orange and Peppermint. She learned it was a good mix to support attention while feeling very relaxed so you could focus.

As the class ended, Jane noticed there had not been that pushy sales approach to buy more than she wanted or to “sign up and sell.” That was refreshing and Jane really had a nice evening. She went home feeling good about her purchase of the Home Essential Kit as her first purchase with her Wholesale Membership club access.


1 Week Later: The Oils Arrive

One day after work Jane arrived home to find a box on her porch containing her new oils and a diffuser. She couldn’t wait to open all the bottles and relive the wonderful smells she had experienced during that class.

The nice lady who taught the class had left her a message asking for a time they could meet and go through the oils Jane had received to help her get started. Jane called her back that same night to setup a time the very next day.

Jane and the Wellness Advocate met over Jane’s lunch hour. The Wellness Advocate gave Jane a short sheet full of information about each oil and how she could start using them. She also gave her some pointers for setting up and using her diffuser. Jane could not wait to get home and try these out.

During the conversation, they also discussed goals Jane might want to consider as she begins using oils and some other areas of her life these oils may support. Jane mentioned she was interested in losing a few pounds and getting some better support to improve her health. The Wellness Advocate wrote down some recommendations for Jane to look at in these areas and they agreed to touch base in a couple weeks to talk further about it and find out how Jane was loving her oils.


2 Weeks Later: The Follow Up

The Wellness Advocate contacted Jane to see how she was liking her oils and diffuser and if she had any questions.

Jane was very positive about the experience with her oils so far and was loving how easy they were to use. She had also looked at the information she received in their last meeting and wanted to setup her loyalty reward program so she could get the vitamins and supplements to help her get started on her health goals. The two made a date to meet over lunch the next day.

Jane and the Wellness Advocate setup Jane so she could customize a monthly order containing the vitamins and supplements and a couple oils Jane wanted to try next. Jane is relieved to see how she will be getting an automatic 25% off her orders and how to get free items. She also likes that she can control her own orders, including what’s on them, when they process in the month and how much she spends, so she can make them fit in her budget.

3 Weeks Later: Check-in

Jane hears from her Wellness Advocate to check how things are going and to help her with her monthly order to see if Jane has any further questions or wants to change anything they setup. Jane continues to be impressed how there is never a push to buy more than she wants or can afford.

Jane continues to rave about her essential oils and asks several questions about how to use them for cleaning her home. The Wellness Advocate shows Jane where to access several information sources on the doTERRA site to help her get started. She also gives her access to a self-paced Oil Camp class where Jane can learn a lot more about her oils going at her own pace.

1 Month Later:

Jane comes home to find another lovely box on her porch containing the vitamins, supplements and other items she worked with the Wellness Advocate to order. She also received a free bottle of an oil that was featured this month!

The Wellness Advocate had explained to Jane how she would get this free oil and how she earned points on that order that she could save up to get something great a little later on.

Jane and the Wellness Advocate continue to communicate as Jane has questions and they talk about Jane’s experience using the oils and vitamins.

1.5 Months Later:

Jane has loved using her oils and diffuser and started taking the new vitamins and supplements. She notices she has more energy and feels incredible!

She goes out to her doTERRA site and sets up her customized order for the next month to get another box of the vitamins. She explores the site and selects other items to put on her next monthly order and writes down a few she would like to save points to get for free later.

Jane feels really good about that initial purchase and can’t believe she waited so long to give this essential oil thing a try.

Interested in more?

Using essential oils isn’t the type of situation where you purchase something at a “home show”or “catalog party”, it arrives and that’s it. That’s just not how it works with doTERRA.

My approach as a Wellness Advocate is to find the oils that work best for you and that fit in your budget. You have access to ongoing support when and where you want it. You also have the complete access to customize your orders and select the products right for you without pressure to buy things you don’t need or want.

Be like Jane and start enjoying 25% off your purchases! Email me with questions or help finding the oils perfect for your needs.

Join Jane and me by Becoming a Member today!

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