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June Natural News

As I look forward to this month with school getting out and summer vacations coming soon I marvel at how much time passes. We build so many memories each day and most of them we won’t ever remember but when I look back it’s usually this time of year where those daily memories catch up to me. There is the much needed break from making school lunches and making sure the backpack is ready. The only one getting up early will be me for work so there will be a quieter routine to my mornings. It makes me realize a whole school year has passed and it’s time for a new phase soon.

How much do we often let time slide by us without realizing our dreams coming true? We get caught up in the act of every day living and not realize the things we could be doing each day could help or block forward action. It’s easy to do with the stress of every day demands but we all come to a point where we realize what we could have achieved a little each day! This is why I’m using June as the month to focus on the word BUILD. The simple word that can initiate action, movement and so much more a little at a time, one day and moment at a time.

In reflection I started this year with a 2020 Wellness Challenge that wasn’t hard core, flip your life upset down to achieve some unreachable health goal. Rather it was geared towards helping us reach this pivotal moment right now where we could realistically take action big or small each day to gain progress in what is right for each of us. You can go back and start from the beginning of this challenge or you can start right now. The important point is to start where you are and when you are ready for each component to BUILD on the next part of your health journey.

January focused on RENEW to get us to reflect on what we really want deep inside instead of just wishing for it or hoping it happens by change.

February was about LOVE to ourselves and uplifting our mindset to see the beauty in every day. When we start to see things more positive and optimistically we are drawn to things that are better, healthier and more worthwhile to us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

March was geared towards the word MOVE as in moving towards what we really need and want to feel our best because we now know what we want and feel positive about honoring ourselves. This was an action month to start defining tangible ways to achieve what we want in our life, our health and our dreams.

April asked us to ALIGN in our body, mind and spirit so we can move as one whole being. This is a challenging one because often we live in our minds and ignore what our heart is telling us or what our instincts are guiding us to do. That can limit our progress and prevent us from acting.

May was about GROW and again it is an action of planting the small seeds that grow into our dream life. It is putting in place the physical, mental and spiritual tools we need to foster new growth in our lives.

June then of course has to be BUILD because we are ready to expand what is on our foundation to achieve progress! We’ve got seeds in the ground of our life starting to emerge and we can build on their new life the protection and structure to help them flourish. Think of it like putting poles or a frame around thriving garden tomato plants to help them stand strong.

As we progress through this month I encourage you to look at the structure you need in your life to protect your new direction, dreams and things you are wanting to progress into next. That may be a workout routine, new meal plan strategy, a new business adventure, writing a book or so many other incredible life changing possibilities.

For me it is about health physically as I’m ready to take my progress to another level and continuing feeling better and better. However it is also about continuing to flush out the new strategies I’m applying to Dragonspit Apothecary to help you live your best life naturally. Both of these take a tremendous amount of energy and creativity but a little work every day, just like a little work every day in my veggie garden, reaps big harvest results in just a short while. Soon it will be summer over and a new phase being realized. I don’t want to experience regret for what I could have done or where I could have been if I had only worked to BUILD the right structure now.

How about you? What do you want to BUILD this month to help you progress?

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NOTE: There will be no blog posts the week of June 15 through June 19 as we are going to take a family vacation early this summer. I have lots of fun social media posts planned though that will help you continue the important work of this month even if you take a vacation like me

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