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Lessons Learned from the 2018 doTERRA Convention

If you read books like Go Pro by Eric Wore or The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke then you will see upfront both recommend you attend your company’s annual meeting.  The reasons for attending include being inspired, uplifted and to have the latest information you can carry back to your own business. It is sort of like the cement that helps you solidify your business and incorporate good strategies for its prosperity.

I went to the 2018 doTERRA Dream Global Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah in September. This was my first time attending and I was super excited about several things about this trip.

First, I really wanted to learn as much as I could about this company and the products I’m using in my home and sharing with others. I am constantly learning something new with doTERRA that I share in this blog but I felt like the convention would be learning in overdrive over the course of 3 solid days with experts, leaders and inspirational guests.

The second reason I really wanted to go was to see first hand the culture that I have been learning about with this company. I wanted to see for myself if this message of uplifting  and serving one another and not trampling over each other for gains was really true.

Thirdly, since this was the 10th anniversary year of the company I thought this would be a good year to go as it would likely be a huge production with lots of exclusive things associated with this milestone.

So, I scheduled time off my full time job and packed my bags to Utah.



There were almost 40,000 people at the doTERRA convention.


It was so large they had two sessions to split the crowd. The Vivint Arena and Salt Palace Convention Center were both used for this convention.

It was so large every where you went had a line associated with it unless you figured out the key times to do something, including using the bathroom.

It was so large that navigating and weaving crowds became a sport worthy of the X-Games.

After awhile even the most gracious and patient can lose it with all the lines and crowds. It was very nice to get away from the noise and people after each day. While staying downtown is convenient I highly recommend considering a place out of downtown so you can decompress and literally get away from people.

The local news reported the doTERRA convention is the biggest convention held in the state! Knowing that Young Living had their convention just the week before doTERRA’s this was exciting news!


The content of the convention overall was very good.  There was a balance of entertainment, inspiration and education throughout all 3 days.

My favorite was Tim Hightower’s presentation. His story of how he grew up, faced challenges in his professional football career and let that shape his life now were inspirational and encouraging.

tim hightower

My second favorite part of the convention content was hearing Emily Wright’s story of working in corporate world. My own work career this past year has been a nightmare so it was very encouraging to receive some hope that this can be different.

working women

Personally, I also loved all the science data that was presented behind the oils performance and advancements being made to further our knowledge about how natural products work in our health. I did hear from others that they thought this was too detailed and over their heads to understand with all the medical and scientific jargon. I think this information is very important as we further our advancement in knowledge for how essential oils work in our health but I could definitely see how it could be tough to understand if you were not a scientist or work in the healthcare industry.

Over half the content is dedicated to the pay-it-forward activities and programs doTERRA is involved in from where the oils are grown and sourced to partnerships with entities focusing on improving lives. These parts of the convention were inspirational and made me very proud of being a part of this company. I loved seeing the lives impacted and jobs created on many of the oils. This was so much more powerful than the financial growth and profit charts you typically see at this type of event.


 What I Learned

I did actually learn quite a bit about doTERRA and how much of their operational decisions are based on how many people they can help versus how much profit they can make. It was definitely a different approach than I’ve seen with other companies. This information reaffirmed why I chose this company.

In terms of the culture of doTERRA and how that extends to the Wellness Advocates, I would say it does resonate with the majority of people. This too is very refreshing to see that it truly is a caring company and most people seem to care for one another. You will always have those few people who don’t get it but of everyone I met at the convention most did apply the service model in their own actions.

There were numerous long lines throughout the convention. I actually said it was like being in Disney without a Fast Pass. While this was the least favorite part of many of us, it was an opportunity to talk to others standing in line with us and make some new friends.

Surprisingly, there were people of all ranks and even some brand new oil users at this convention. I thought it really open and inclusive to everyone. The content was something everyone could participate in and use to carry forward in building their own business.

I would say it was worth it and I plan to go back next year.

Interested in more?

If you are considering a network marketing strategy to own your very own business, I would recommend looking at doTERRA. The company experience I have had at convention and in my dealings with them as a business have all been positive. They pay their distributors well and there is a real commitment to helping us succeed.

If you would like more information about doTERRA, please reach out! I’m happy to help you get any information you need to make the right decision for you.

Wholesale customers and Wellness Advocates both receive the same fantastic benefits of membership that includes at least 25% off retail prices on all purchases. Get an account today and start introducing real nature into your health and home.

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