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Love Chocolate

Chocolate. There it is in fountains at weddings with big red berries waiting to be dunked. Wrapped prettily in foil wrappers that are elegant it is given as a token of love and endearment. It is warm and comforting on cold winter days in a mug we wrap our hands around. Yes chocolate is indeed an ingredient we include in many of our important and special life moments, especially Valentine’s Day.

We try to avoid chocolate but resistance is futile when you walk into a store and see rows of Valentine hearts and bags of treats all waiting to be shared with your loved ones. Against the bleak gray skies of winter and it’s blustery cold we are called to this bright red color that offers us a distraction, warmth and comfort. Unwrapping a chocolate and savoring it. Letting it melt in our mouths and feeling content, peaceful and loved. Such a powerful ingredient chocolate is.

We can talk about how unhealthy chocolate is and how much we Americans over indulge in sugar but none of that ever matters on Valentines. Our ties to special occasions and food run deeply. Very few of us will abstain from this sweet treat, even if it is with just a sugar-free option.

There are so many ways to use chocolate to make elegant, fun, taste filled treats that I’m offering today some ways to include some healthy support with this sugary delicacy.

  • Brownies – your basic store mix of brownies made with 4-6 drops of doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil make your brownies extra yummy with immunity protection

  • Hot Cocoa – 1 single drop (or toothpick method for less) of doTERRA Peppermint makes this and your morning coffee super yummy with digestive support and energy

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries – include 3 drops doTERRA Tangerine Lavender for an interesting sweetness that enhances the flavor with detoxing support

  • White Chocolate cream cheese frosting – just add 3 drops of doTERRA Lavender for calming emotions and a sweet twist

  • Banana chocolate chip pancakes with 3 drops doTERRA OnGuard for a cinnamon undertone that has incredible immunity support

  • Chocolate dipped pretzels, marshmallows, candies and truffles – adding in doTERRA Wild Orange or your choice of flavor creates a fun variety of tastes

You can even take store bought candies, cakes and sweets and make them your own by spritzing on a little doTERRA essential oils

Including natural pharmacy grade essential oils won’t make the calories of chocolate go away but it will introduce interesting flavors and provide emotional and physical support that is healthy. Call it balancing the scale of healthy and unhealthy for a special weekend. The beauty of using real pure oils that are high grade is they can be ingested for their health benefits and it only takes a few drops to get those benefits.

Now for the adults looking for a romantic chocolate experience that is one step further here is an additional idea that is easy to put together for your special night with someone very special:

Chocolate Body Paint

  • 8 oz dark chocolate

  • 8 oz semi-sweet chocolate

  • 8 oz white chocolate

  • 3/4 cup heavy cream

  • 2 drops doTERRA Lavender

  • 2 drops doTERRA Peppermint

  • 2 drops doTERRA Wild Orange

  • Melt each chocolate separate and add in 1 of the recommended oils to each. Can put in bowls on a tray. Enjoy.

To get the oils I recommend to enhance your Valentine chocolate experience simply click here:

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