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Love Perfumes

Posted on February 24, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

One of the things I really struggled with swapping to more natural products was giving up my designer perfume. I loved the Valentino brand of perfumes and often would ask for them as gifts for my birthday or Christmas. It was lovely to get a bottle of my favorite perfume. I really liked having those pretty bottles on my bathroom counter and felt special every time I went to use them. However I realize most perfumes contain a lot of unnecessary chemicals and along came the day I decided I wouldn’t ask or buy anymore of them.

Certainly essential oils smell wonderful and I am often complimented on smelling nice when I’m out but it wasn’t the same as having a perfume. However, it wasn’t long before I discovered I could in fact make my own perfume! Not only was it less expensive than my favorite designer perfume but it was chemical free and personalized to me!

Where else can you totally customize and personalize something you use daily to this degree?

Even though there is an endless array of blends you can make there are a small number of

guidelines to help.

  • Select a high quality perfume bottle with mister. Skimping on a cheaper bottle with plastic parts will only end in disappointment when you try to use them.

  • Always dilute with carriers. For perfumes we use distilled water, alcohol and witch hazel

  • Don’t use pre-diluted oils to make perfume or cologne

  • Use high quality pure essential oils for best results

  • Add stickers and labels to remind you what is in the bottle

Perfume & Cologne Basics

In perfume making there are 3 layers of aroma that are blended together to make a complex aroma that is unique and personal. Manufacturers of perfume do this for the experience of being in a field of flowers and to give variety to the scent to suit a great number of people.

Base Note