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March Natural News

The early buds of spring popping from the ground. The warm sun dripping deeper into days to make them longer. We are emerging from a long winter’s nap into a warm delight of Earth’s awakening. We are seeing new growth emerge against still cold damp ground as if to tell us hope is turning into reality. Newness, freshness and signs of new lift emerging quietly each day. That is the start of the spring season that will be upon us very soon.

In my area, spring comes in March with warmer days and winds chasing away the chill of winter. Things start to turn green and plants emerge from the ground that will soon bring color and blooms throughout our yard. While it is not yet officially spring we can see it starting to awaken and bring with it this energy that is filling us with eagerness to be part of it. We are drawn to outdoors to see the changes and welcome them with awareness we are ready to shed our own sleepiness from winter’s rest.

If the weather doesn’t tell me a trip to our local garden center will. New plants start appearing fresh from greenhouses and ready to be installed into the ground. Bags of mulch and planting soil next to rows of new pots waiting to hold colorful blooms in my yard. It’s a place I like to go and just roam the aisles looking at the new plants and making plans for my own yard space.

We are ready to clean out, shed heavier things that were holding us and move more freely. We are ready for change and feel the call of nature in this process. For me this looks like a fresh pair of gardening gloves and time spent cleaning our my flower beds with leaves and pine needles to make room for new plants and mulch that will brighten and welcome the warmer weather.

Early spring is a month of preparedness. Much like early Fall it is a time to get ready, initiate planning and make room for the things the Spring season will bring us. It is a natural change we experience year after year reminding us this is the time to plant, plan and instill in the ground our hopes and dreams to nurture and watch flourish. It is a time to let nature drive us to what feels good to our soul and fills our heart with a sense of accomplishment and pride. It is a time of labor to ready our yards, homes and lives for changes that will evolve in our days. It is a period of slow warming thawing us from hardness and pain so that we can release it and be free to experience healing and health once again.

This month on the blog I’m exploring this topic of awakening. Not only awakening in our natural world but in ourselves. This is about that feeling we feel stir in us this time of year when things are changing around us in nature. Even if you still are buried in snow you feel this draw to warmth from the sun and alignment with nature to move forward in grace. That is the allure of early Spring and the offerings we see in things like Easter. It is a freeing time where we can open our hearts and minds to experience release and renewal at the same time. A special time of year indeed for health and natural living that we are all instinctively drawn to whether we realize it or not.

What it means to live naturally in this time of pre-Spring and early awakening is much akin to wakening before your alarm goes off in the mornings. It’s still dark and yet you feel awake, ready to start your day and take on the tasks it brings. You are feel energized by the fact you are awake and feel rested from a good night’s sleep. You move with care and grace flowing from one thing to the next with ease. There is an energy you feel that is constantly recharging as if from a freshly thawed stream of water that is bursting alive from a snow covered bedding. It’s that energy we find ourselves with that gives us fresh ideas, new creative thoughts and inspiration we thought long blocked or drained. Tuning into that energy is where we find alignment, flow and the enrichment of living well alongside natural changes that occur every day. Tapping into that energy like the maple syrup running in a tall study tree is where we find early Spring and our calling to live more naturally on our terms.

Follow me this month on this journey through the landscape exploring the changes we are experiencing every day. Join me on the walk of living more attuned to our own natural alignment and flow that enriches, expands and fulfills our needs in heart, mind and body.

Are you ready to walk more naturally this season? Click here to get started:

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