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Never Say Never Again – Natural Toothpaste

It’s taken me a long time to be willing to try another natural toothpaste.

My first try was with a well known brand I found on sale and had a coupon for at the pharmacy. Seemed an ideal time to try a natural toothpaste and see for myself if it was in fact better than regular toothpaste.  I proudly took home my purchase and that evening opened this new tube of toothpaste.  It came out of the tube white and thick, smelled minty and seemed like toothpaste so I was thinking this is cool so far. . .

I don’t believe I’ve made a face quite like that one since I changed a baby diaper for the first time in my life. 

The whole tube went in trash 2.5 seconds after I brushed my teeth.

Really, I’m too cheap for that so I tried it again in the morning thinking I was misjudging it but it was definitely in the trash by the morning. It was one of the worst things I’d ever put in my mouth…ever.  I swore if that was what natural toothpaste was like they could count me out.

Years passed since that experience and when I saw doTERRA had a natural toothpaste I steered clear. There would not be any of that for me. Essential oil supporter, believer and user I was but I was not going down that road again.

Not knowing any of this history with me and the natural toothpaste, my very sweet doTERRA sponsor gave me a couple samples of the toothpaste to try.  I smiled, kindly thanked her for them but in my mind I was like, “Oh H. E. Double Hockey Sticks No!   Bless her heart!

Those samples lingered in my bathroom drawer untouched for months.

On one of the many business trips I was packing for I saw those samples sitting in the drawer and tossed them in my bag figuring if nothing else I’d pass them on to someone else where they may be more appreciated.

The trip went longer than planned and I ran out of my normal toothpaste so I was forced to either walk a long way to the hotel lobby to buy an overpriced travel size or use these little orange samples.  It was late.  I was exhausted. I had my pjs on. The hotel lobby required me to walk outside along a bridge over the pool, through a painted tunnel and up a bunch of stairs.   *sigh

I put on my big girl face, grabbed my toothbrush and said a prayer.

Well, let me tell you.

My teeth felt really clean. Like just out of the dentist chair clean.

I didn’t gag.

The diaper face didn’t appear on my face.

I was stunned.

Like so stunned, I went through my entire bag looking for the other sample to try it again to see if I was like delusional or something.


I have since purchased a regular sized tube of this toothpaste as part of one of my monthly loyalty reward program items. It seriously changed my opinion of natural toothpastes.

Have you tried natural toothpastes? What was your experience like?

Interested in learning more?

Want to try a sample yourself?  Reach out and let me know.  I’m happy to send you one.

I love talking about how I use doTERRA and would love to help you find essential oil products that fit your needs.  Use the Contact us on our blog or email us at

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