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Next Level Living

Pause in just this moment and ask yourself if you are happy. Does your life feel fulfilling, satisfying, complete? Are you where you wanted to be? Are your dreams coming true more and more every day? As you run from activity to errand non-stop is this life as you imagined?

What is often missing in our string of non-stop must do errands, tasks and chores is our engaged mindset and feelings of completeness about why we’re doing them. We are tired, feel tied down, overwhelmed and just plain over all of it. These feelings go with us task to task, day to day until we forget that this was once a life we desired, dreamed for and carefully built. We wanted all of what we have and worked really hard to get to where we are. So why are not feeling fulfilled and complete? Why does the work of what it takes to maintain this dream life not make us happy?

My thought on this is because we have been caught up in the glitter of seeing someone else have what we didn’t. It’s not that we didn’t really want a family or a nice home but we fit what we wanted into what we saw others have instead of what really thought it could be. We only met up to the bar of what we saw and never personalized it to our own dreams. We thought this is all there is and could be. We made it and this is it. The grass being greener on the other side of the fence story is what happened and now we find there is indeed grass but we aren’t enjoying it fully. We saw someone else’s pretty home, new car, well behaved children and thought I want that too! I want what they have. That looks nice. We only saw the surface though and not what it was really like every day with laundry up to her armpits or bills her family cannot pay.

There is nothing wrong at all with wanting a nice house, car, family and what appears to most as a great life. Nothing whatsoever is wrong with this other than if it isn’t what aligns to what we individually dream and see that life looks like. First, if we are going in a mountain of debt to live a life someone else has then I definitely am not interested. It’s not fun making payments on stuff that once it’s paid for it needs to be replaced or isn’t worth anything. Second, given the chance my dream home probably would not be built right next to my neighbor so close I could open a window and touch them. What I need to feel free is none of that. My dream life looks entirely different yet it is every bit as beautiful as someone who prefers to have the big house with well behaved and dressed children and a green lawn.

What I need to be feel free is knowing the life my family and I are building fits us and is so personalized that it cannot be replicated exactly. It’s living debt free so we have money to do the things we want and have a life that fulfills us. It’s having fun, laughing and being our silly selves as a family with jokes that no one else gets but us. It’s the unfiltered moments that don’t fit in a social media timeline in a house we love that gives us shelter, is not at risk for being taken away and is able to hold our memories. It’s not getting caught in the glitter of what someone else has because I don’t really know if that’s what I want or not. I want the ability to explore it and find out but freedom to make the choices for what is right for me and my family in the end.

When you are living naturally it doesn’t matter what someone else has or what is the latest thing that’s popular. At the juicy center of living naturally is what you want, need, dream about and are willing to work at to achieve. If that’s a cookie cutter house arms length from your neighbor and designer clothes then that’s way cool. For me it’s a cute home with a backyard garden and filled with things my family and I enjoy doing together. It’s a bank account that I can fill and not immediately drain with a ton of payments due. It’s finding solutions to living that are personalized to our needs and align with our values. It’s giving back in how we choose to live every day to our environment and world so it’s a better place physically, emotionally and spiritually now and in the future. It’s being true to ourselves.

When we actively choose to pursue what is right for us and make it unique we find that nature is right there helping us. We realize we are no longer falling for the lie of what life should look like and awaken to what it can be like. What we can create and enjoy that is next level living. It is so much deeper than just using essential oils to make your house smell good. Those oils and other natural products become the tools to supporting a new way of living that feels perfect for us. This is the point we realize the big picture in life and not caring what everyone else is doing. We stop hearing the chatter and seeing the shaking heads and go down our own path. We let the noise fall behind and step deeper into what feels natural to us.

We may still live in a house in a neighborhood and a pile of laundry but we start to realize we are different from our neighbors. We realize we are happy. We’re laughing and carrying on and living life like there’s no tomorrow. We’re not burdened with things that are not fulfilling us or doing things that don’t bring us joy. We are taking on the chores of every day with a contentment that can only come when you are really in love with your life. We are living on the next level.

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