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On the Cold Dark Mornings

Posted on January 27, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

Here it is Monday again.

Like most winter Mondays in January this one is cold and it’s still dark outside while you stand there at the coffee pot waiting for it to finish. If you’re like me you’re looking out the window over the sink listening to the coffee pot while the dog is chomping on her food. I’m not sure why I look out the window, there’s nothing but dark out there this time of year but I do every morning. The rest of the house is still quiet but it won’t be long until there are feet up and down the stairs looking for books and shoes in the rush to get ready for school. Yet in this early morning minute it’s thankfully quiet still.

It’s harder to move on these cold dark mornings. I don’t want to get out from under the warm blankets and it’s still dark out so it doesn’t seem like it’s time to start moving around. Our son won’t want to get up either and I know it will be a little battle to ease him out from those blankets he’s wrapped up in. Yet here we are at these early hours moving despite our body’s pleas to not. There just doesn’t seem to be enough days when we can sleep until we naturally wake up or ease into our days at our own pace. Instead we push past the tired and cold against our feet to start another day.

We stand in front our mirrors brushing our teeth and we see our eyes look tired and our hair is wild from our pillow last night. Oh good grief how are we going to deal with that hair this morning ? Are those new dark spots under our eyes? How did our skin get to looking so old overnight? I sigh and start reaching for the brush, cleanser, moisturizer and oils I use and get through the routine of making my face and hair presentable.

For most of us mornings are a fast pace flurry of activity as soon as we wake to our alarms. It doesn’t matter what we would prefer to do, namely roll over and snooze some more. It doesn’t matter if we’re tired and didn’t sleep well. It doesn’t matter if we just don’t feel like it either. So here we are in the cold dark looking out our kitchen windows, waiting on the coffee pot, wondering how we’re going to get through the day. Life sure is exhausting sometimes isn’t it?

Comfort in being miserable

As I thought about my morning routine while I looked out the dark window today I realized how many of us find comfort in being miserable. Even I do to an extent. It’s just the way li