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Recognizing My doTERRA Family Team

This past month doTERRA had a BOGO week which provided many wonderful items customers could get at significant savings. BOGO weeks are ultimate events we who use these oils and products look forward to occurring. If you’re unfamiliar with doTERRA BOGOs, please check out the post I did in early November explaining why this is such a big deal.

Enjoying the wonderful BOGO items is great but there is another thing that happens to those of us that share doTERRA when these events happen. Many distributors, like me and those on my team, will see significant increases in their monthly volume that in turn can represent increases in commissioned sales. This is very helpful to my family budget and I know those on my team also deeply appreciate it as well. 

The other thing though that happens is there will be many who are able to move up in rank as a result of that volume.  The highest ranks are called Diamonds, including Blue Diamond, Presidential Diamond and so on. Every time there is a doTERRA BOGO event the month end will bring news of new rank advancements of distributors including those that have reached the ultimate Diamond levels. Anyone who has ever worked in a direct marketing company knows this is the result of lots of hard work and some luck but is a great achievement and well deserved. The congratulations and recognition can seem unending for those that have achieved a milestone in any month but especially following a BOGO event.

This blog post however isn’t about those that were able to advance rank or even increase their commission from last month’s BOGO event or even the one prior to that. This post is for the person who:

  1. Hasn’t seen those kind of results to qualify for rank advancement of any kind or has been stagnant at the same rank for a long time

  2. Is just starting out in this business and it seems like you are spending more time, money and energy than you are getting back right now

  3. Works so hard at this business day in and day out but is struggling and not seeing the kind of progress you see others capture so easily with half the effort (or so it seems)

  4. Has worked other direct marketing businesses and is hesitant to do it again with doTERRA

This post is especially for those on my direct team and those that I have met this past year who are in the same place as me. This is for that very special group of women I’ve come to adore, admire and respect. This group of women is like me in our love of doTERRA and yet so uniquely and beautifully in their own rite. This group of special women are all just doing our best in building this business and hints of dreams of one day being on the endless list of congratulations and recognition for reaching a big milestone from our labor while having some financial freedom in our lives.