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Stocking Up on Staples

I like to keep our pantry and closets stocked with a variety of things. You just never know when the need to make an emergency batch of warm cookies or pot of chili may arise. That back up bottle of detergent so you don’t run out while washing multiple loads of laundry is blessing like none other. It’s nice to have things ready to use and not always having to run to the store when you’re ready to make or use something. I’m not talking about hoarding dozens of the same product in preparation for the zombie apocalypse but having a good selection of what I label as staples is handy.

Now that the holidays are over I see my pantry and closets a little low on what I keep on hand normally. The extra bottle of detergent depleted from extra holiday laundry and washing delicate Christmas textiles that are now carefully packed away. The extra ingredients and spices used in dishes and sweets for holiday cooking. What I noticed as I built the list to replenish things is how much where and how I get these things has changed. How I think about these items has also changed.

Keeping a Spare and the Change

Again, I’m not talking hoarding tons of extra non-perishables and having to build a storage unit just for stuff. This isn’t about filling your shelves and every nook and cranny with staples. This is about making financial choices that allow you to have a little bit extra stored up, a spare, for when you need it. Perhaps it is as simple as an extra bottle of detergent or perhaps it’s having that extra few rolls of toilet paper. Doing so not only can save you in the long run but help us change how we shop and what we spend. There are ways to build up a little reserve so it doesn’t take a hit on your family budget.

The biggest way to save on what you use in your home is to look at more natural options. No kidding, what you use influences what you spend. When you reduce products that contain chemicals you actually spend less. Yes those ingredients and mass produced items you buy with coupons on sale are actually costing you instead of getting the deal you think you are. The biggest reason is because you are paying a premium even when they are on sale. You are paying for that shelf space, the distribution and the overhead for providing that product to you. You are also using way more in quantity than you need when a product doesn’t have chemicals. Using a high quality natural cleaner, personal care product, medicine, or food ingredient always lasts longer because you need less to do the job, get the flavor and realize the benefits. That is a savings that you can realize even if you find a 100% pure natural product in a store.

My favorite example of this is with toilet bowl cleaner. That item costs on average $5-$7 for a thick blue squirt in your toilet bowl cleaner. It cleans your bowl and it also uses a lot of chemicals to get that result. I use a natural option and it costs me a total of $1.86 for the same quantity and number of cleanings as a bottle of blue stuff. So I still have clean toilet bowls but I just cut over $6 from expenses doing it. Two of the three ingredients I use come from a store. The other I get direct through doTERRA. Isn’t the job of cleaning a toilet bowl torture enough without extra expense?

Here’s what I use: 1/4 cup regular baking soda (you can even buy a name brand if you want and still save), 1/3 cup white vinegar, 5-6 drops doTERRA Melaleuca, Purify or Lemon Eucalyptus (your choice on scent) (you can get them here to try yourself:

Here’s a tip too, if you want some of that toilet water spray, you the stuff you use before or after you use the toilet to reduce smells? Well, if you drop 2-3 drops of doTERRA Lemon Eucalyptus in the water before or after you just got the same result and spent about $0.30 versus a couple dollars.

Simple, natural and way less expense to control a bad odor.

So when I say stock up on stuff I’m saving in my case by having a couple extra boxes of baking soda on hand, maybe an extra gallon of white vinegar and using my wellness box subscription points that I’ve saved to get my oils (yes all 3) for free. Savings, clean toilet, extra stock on hand.

How To Shop in 2020

Today there are more apps and ways to live conveniently without overspending than ever before. We live in super busy times and if you want to immediately cut some stress and expense from your life, change how you shop!

There are times to go to a physical store and there are times to avoid them like a disease. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere you can get things delivered. This is a wonderful modern convenience of living in 2020. The beauty is not only convenience but also savings and quality. You are now able to be the best informed consumer you can be and get the best quality for your money with everything because everything you need is at your fingertips. Need to find a great natural detergent no problem – a simple internet search brings up several kinds and you can then find the one that truly has no chemicals and gives you real benefits from using it. Oh yeah and it comes to your door in 2-3 days. You didn’t even have to put on shoes to do that. (By the way finding a pure natural detergent is super easy too, see my link below)

When you can leverage your consumer power to make informed decisions and realize that you can actually save money from doing it, the game changes in how you shop. This is truly bigger than just ordering your groceries online and pulling up to the front of the store too. This my beautiful friend is power shopping 2020.

Look I know there are some stores out there that offer free shipping and something like 5% back on all your purchases if you use their store credit card. They even offer you incentives if you buy certain brands from time to time. Here’s the dirty little secret … you are still overpaying. If you are earning anything less than 10% back and walking away with a non-natural product we can totally redo that in 2020 to save money and get better quality products. Here’s the primary products that we are often ripped on by manufacturers and stores:

  • Detergent

  • Household cleaners

  • Facial care products

  • Baby wash

  • Baby lotion

  • Diaper cream

  • Toothpaste

  • Mouthwash

  • Body wash

  • Lotion

  • Body sprays/mists

  • Hair care products including styling products, shampoos and conditioners

  • Pain relievers

  • First aid creams

  • Moisturizers

  • Fever reducer medicine

This is just to name a few where there is more than a typical 40% markup in price because of the need people have for these types of products and the brands that make them. This is on top of the environmental impact and health hazards those products and their packaging have. You my dear friend deserve better in 2020 than continuing to put money in someone else’s pocket.

To learn how to I changed and saved, click here:

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