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Summer Slumber

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The lazy days of summer are a treat! I prefer the carefree days of summer where there can be schedule flexibility and enjoyment outside to the hustle and bustle of year end holidays in the cold. Summer just calls for a time of growth, renewal and uplifting of our souls to take a moment to enjoy the bounties of the planet and blessings of each day.

When I get the chance I love going out to our hammock that is setup in a butterfly garden we have and enjoying the birds, butterflies and soft warm breezes. It’s a pleasant place to drift off into a short nap, read or just mindlessly enjoy. There are so many scents associated with summer and they co-mingle gently to awaken and support our systems. For me smelling the pines, hydrangeas, roses and other flowers in my garden is welcoming and inspiring. I do some of my best thoughts of what to write about in this blog taking in the scenes from my own backyard.

As relaxing as summer can be some of us can have more difficulty sleeping and resting in the summer because of the temperature, stress, overindulgence, air conditioning and dehydration. These factors and others can take away our nighttime and nap time rest leaving us feeling bloated, tired and irritated. I like to change up a little of what I do for supporting sleep in the summer and support the need for rest when I do have an opportunity for one of those carefree afternoon naps.

Hydration and Nutrition

There is always a need to stay hydrated year round but especially so in summer when higher temperatures and humidity can increase what our body is needing and using. Water is the foundation of our body make up and we have to find a way to replace that and keep our body filled with it constantly.

In summer I find it easier to drink more water than I do in other seasons. It tastes refreshing and I find I want more of it when the temperatures are higher. However there are times when I enjoy something to enhance water or change up that basic class of H2O. Luckily there are many options that are natural and still support the hydration purpose.

Add in a doTERRA citrus oil like Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Bergamot or Tangerine. These flavors are wonderful summer tastes and provide that detoxification support your body needs to replenish. Carbonated water or mineral water is an excellent way to enjoy the fun of bubbly drinks without the sugars. Add in a drop or two of doTERRA citrus oils or experiment with some of their other essential oils like Lavender for a unique twist.Mix up a quart pitcher of Good Girl Moonshine! This non-alcoholic beverage is a perfect summertime sipper that is refreshing and a delicious treat when you want to jazz up your water.