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Surviving a Southern Winter – Warm Hands and Heart

There are worse places to spend winter than in the South. I personally do not like snow, ice, sleet, blistering cold and all that “winter stuff” so the South suits me just fine.  When the temperature gets below 50 degrees I tend to get a little grumpy and want to hibernate.

Sure, we will get an occasional spot of snow and the temps will dip to the teens but it won’t last long and we like to make a big deal of it when it happens.  Even with the potential threat of snow we’ll call off school, stay home, make pots of soup and talk about the potential of a few flakes falling from the usual clear blue sky.  We make fun of ourselves running to the store for bread and milk like we won’t get out of the house for a week with that sprinkle of ice that may arrive.

As a result of our timid winters, not a lot of us tend to keep around the heavy coats, boots and winter accessories you typically see where winter does lay down a good long time.  We own them but just try and find them when the temperature shifts from a good 60 degree range down to 30 something in matter of couple days.

Since I can never find my gloves, it was wonderful when my husband saw these on Pinterest. I made up these up with the intent of using them as small hand warmers to keep in my coat pockets.

To make, I used some quilt scraps I had available. It’s amazing how little bits of fabric from a project can add up so it’s fantastic when I find a cute little project like this to use some of it.

Each measures about 4 inches by 4 inches and is just quick sewed around leaving a little opening at the top to pour the rice in and then hand sew closed.

I filled them with brown rice (not the instant kind) that was tossed with some very pleasant essential oil. Not that it matters if it’s brown or white rice just that it’s not instant. Personally, I would also recommend doTERRA oils … which you can purchase through me.

For these I used, doTERRA Sunny Citrus because it reminds me warmer weather will come again and until then I can hold that hope secure in my cold hand safe in my pocket.


In the camouflage ones I used Siberian Fir essential oil for my husband and son to enjoy.


To use, I put them in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds and the heat lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. I keep one in each pocket.  They are particularly handy at the school bus stop in the mornings.

I have given serious thought to making a body sized version to step into when I must be outside in some of these temperatures that belong further North. It’s a good thing this week is back to the 60-70 degree range.

When not in use for warming my hands I can store these in my dresser and closet as a very nice smelling sachet.

I also read somewhere people were using these, or larger versions of them, for chemo treatment to help the patient stay warm. What a fabulous use! Imagine the comforting scents you could add in this situation!

What’s your secret to staying warm?

Interested in more?

I’d love to connect with you on any questions you have about essential oils!  It’s one of my favorite topics. Use the Contact Us on our blog or email me at

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