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The $35 Business

Starting your own business is challenging and can be very expensive. There is a high risk for failure that turns a lot of people off from approaching it. Starting even a small shop or business on your own can quickly deplete your savings and not return your investment at all. With a MLM many of those risks are removed and a person with a simple desire can actually make a solid run at being successful.

When I first started my business with doTERRA I was skeptical it would never amount to anything. My view on it was I had a full time demanding job and this was just something to do on the side to pay for my oils and have a little fun at. This is a view shared by many who start out with this type of business and many more who say no to it.

The truth is just as many fail or give up with a MLM as they do when they create their own business entirely on their own. Many realize it’s not a quick get rich opportunity or it’s more work than it’s worth. Some quit when they realize they don’t like presenting or talking to others, seeking new contacts or feel stressed at the challenge of figuring out how to grow their little business. These are all the same stresses and thoughts of a person who invests their life savings into creating a main street boutique.

Why I Do It

I have a full time job and full time family so my time to work on my business is limited. Sometimes its a real challenge carving out time to do things to support my business but I do it even if it just for a few  minutes.

  1. The reward, if you’re with the right MLM, is good.

It is more than just paying for your own product or having a little bit of extra income too.

The rewards are much more than that.

It is extremely satisfying to see what I started from just a casual outreach has grown into. Yes, it was work but wow is it gratifying and I get excited even when there is a tiny spurt of new growth. It is an excitement I’ve not felt in my 9-to-5 in a very long time.

It is mine. All mine.

I don’t have to have a boss telling me I did a good or bad job. I don’t have to wait for a measly small percentage increase or atta girl. I get to reward myself.

I get to set goals that are meaningful to me. There are no vague corporate strategy goals that don’t make sense in my business. I get to set my own challenges and make them direct for what I want.

Want to know the the best part?

Even though I do still work full time at a job, my little business is something I have fun doing. I care about it. I think about it. I want it to thrive. It is an escape from the corporate bs I deal with in my regular job.

To me, that’s worth getting up a little early to write this blog or taking a lunch break to schedule time with a potential customer. It helps me keep my sanity until I can tell my corporate 9-to-5 to go pound some sand.

One day I will be able to do that because of this little business I have today.

Why You Should Consider It