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The Difference an Hour Makes

Many of us we will undergo a time change this weekend. It is just 60 minutes difference but the effects of this change will be felt for weeks after it happens! It doesn’t sound like it would be this big of a deal and yet every year many of us struggle with this change. One simple shift and suddenly our whole day feels different, our body resists waking up that extra hour early, our schedule for eating is off and our children struggle to get into the rhythm of a new schedule. Whether that change is forward an hour in the spring or back an hour in the fall it is truly an amazing effect one hour has on our life.

When I think about all the hours in my day and how much time bound I am for meetings, work deadlines, bed times and more I realize how precious an hour can be. As a busy working mom I am guilty of cramming as much as possible into every hour of the day to keep things moving in my life. There’s often a rush in the mornings to get everyone ready for work and school. This precious hour getting everyone awake, dressed, fed, and prepared to get out the door on time. My work day is filled often with back-to-back meetings in 30 and 60 minute sessions where there’s hardly a minute for a quick break. I rush from thing to thing as to not be late for my next hour task. Time is so precious for us working busy moms. We chart our weeks, schedule out our plans, swap and move things around to make it all work and then still somehow manage to be late or miss something it seems. It all goes by so quickly most days.

I would love one hour to myself most days. One blissful hour to do as I wanted. An hour doesn’t seem long enough at all for what I really need but it would be an incredible opportunity to say one particular hour in my day was all mine to do with as I wished. Would I work out in that time? Take a nap? Meditate? Soak in a tub? The possibilities seem endless and yet when we get that precious hour we usually use it for some chore or task we have otherwise put off. I am very guilty of that. Here’s a spare few minutes I didn’t think I would have so I can toss in that load of laundry that’s sitting there, look in the freezer for something to cook for dinner or sweep the kitchen floor. It’s rare I would use that hour as a treat for something I needed or wanted. I think most moms are like that.

So when I think about springing forward this weekend it sadly feels like a loss of an hour to an already busy day. It feels like more I need to stress and worry over, try to support my family in transitioning through and not gaining anything really. It means reprogramming my own body to wake earlier, go to sleep earlier and adjust. Honestly it doesn’t feel natural at all and I think that’s why so many of us don’t like the time changes we experience.

I have been bold enough some years to say I was going to use that time change for me. I would get up even earlier and use that time for me. Exercising, reading, having a moment of quiet, whatever I needed. Yet I’ve never been successful at that because well it’s really hard to shift your body to comfortably enjoy waking up 2 hours earlier than usual when you’re already struggling with busy days that are long. We sacrifice our own rest by doing this and in the end we resent it and give up.

I think the time changes in spring and fall are loud reminders of how we are not supposed to be living. We were not meant to be so busy day in and day out that we feel we don’t even have 60 minutes to ourselves. We were not built to be constantly doing and going. This is why I believe so many of us feel burned out, exhausted and depressed. We are not honoring our own internal clocks of needing that time, even just 60 minutes, to support our own needs. Most of us dream of having 60 minutes to ourselves regularly. I’m encouraging you to find it and make it your own. Start with one time a week and build it up from there if you have to.

As I watch the spring forward change occur this weekend, I’m choosing to see it as a positive for me to align in my own schedule. I don’t need to add more to my day or cram my hours any fuller. I need to say no and block one of those hours for myself. Oh what a difference a hour can make!

How would you use an hour?

To support you and your family during the time change this weekend, I offer this oil blend to help support energy, mood and focus as our bodies adjust to this time shift.

Time Change Support Blend

In a 5ml roller ball bottle add these oils and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to your back of neck, heart and forehead.

  • 3 drops doTERRA Bergamot

  • 2 drops doTERRA Rosemary

  • 2 drops doTERRA Peppermint

  • 2 drops doTERRA Lemon

This blend is energizing and uplifting. It will help you feel more motivated especially when in the early mornings when it feels you are waking way earlier than you should.

To get these oils and what you need to make this blend simply click here:

Are you ready to spring forward on a natural health path? Click here:

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