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The Effects of Happiness

We are taught early on that pride is a bad thing. It’s showy and no one wants to be around someone who is bragging all the time. I was taught that it’s impolite to bring yourself up in conversations unless asked. Yet we sometimes have really exciting big and small things that we are indeed very proud of achieving and completing. It feels good to have that in our heart and we want to share it! It feels good to be happy. We naturally want to share that feeling with others and in doing so it spreads – or is supposed to at least. So if we can’t brag about ourselves and share good that’s happening to us that is making us happy then can we at least be proud of ourselves?

If our children do something good or reach a milestone we praise them. We shower them with hugs, kisses and words of encouragement. We even tell them we are proud of them. This makes them beam and want to do more of what just earned them all that attention. It feels good to them and feel like a parenting win for us. We even tell our friends about our child’s accomplishment big and small because we are happy, excited and this is sincerely good news. We don’t care if our friends are tired of our child’s good news we share it anyway. We’re happy and excited! Good news should always be shared. When we feel that way we need to find ways to build on that to feel that way more often.

So when it comes to our own accomplishments who cheers us? Who is there showering us with atta-girls and atta-boys? Do we not get to beam with joy and sense of accomplishment just because we are adults? Why are we more likely to not tell anyone we lost a pound this week? Or we hold back sharing how excited we truly are about that promotion? We play down how we are are really feeling to appear humble, like we didn’t really want it or it’s not a big deal. We don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings because we won it and they didn’t. It’s rude to be happy for ourselves and show that behavior where others can see it. Wait, what? You can’t humble and happy at the same time? You can’t be excited over something truly good and positive for progress and share that with someone? Seriously, we cannot be happy for ourselves because someone didn’t get promoted instead and they didn’t lose a pound but we did? We can but don’t show it publicly is that right?

When we withhold our true feelings including the good ones that are filling our heart with accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement and success we are hurting our health. That good news that should be fueling us and being used to build momentum in bringing our dreams to reality is being held back, downplayed and stifled. The more we hold it back and in the higher risk it is to turn into a negative. That action is bouncing off our body’s cells like a toddler on sugar with no where to go. Over time if it doesn’t get out and used, our body and mind will start to believe accomplishments are no big deal and it will stop reacting. We will stop feeling that rush of positive energy that could be used for so much good in our health and we will instead be depressed, feel conflicted, angry and even anxious. Holding back our feelings is often the root cause of illnesses like depression. That includes holding back the good ones as much as it is the bad feelings.

When we feel like we cannot express and be our true selves we start to conform to roles others have defined for us. Society dictates how we should behave and what is expected based on your role, age and where you live. Coloring outside the lines by being different, acting differently and expressing your feelings and opinions is a sure way to get yourself ousted and off to yourself. We however were not meant to live within the confines of someone else’s rules! We were meant to be creative, inspiring and different souls that freely express who we are and what we are about. If that makes us too weird for others to understand that’s ok, those are not your people. But holding in those good feelings because it will offend or hurt someone else is not helping your health. It’s making you as sorry feeling as they feel. Who wants to fit in that way?

I get that we want to live in a fair and square world but sometimes life doesn’t work out that way. We can give out all the participation trophies we want but at the end of the day, only those that truly work at it will earn it. If you want to lose weight you can’t get mad because someone else is already making progress. If you didn’t get a promotion you can’t be mad someone else did. You need to make your own path, live on your own terms and achieve your own success. That may look entirely different than the confines of what society has to offer you. Don’t let that stop you. Express your energy, use your gifts of creativity, thought and strength to define that path and forge it in a new direction. Earn it. Build it. Lose it. Do it. Roll on some doTERRA Motivate oil and go! Don’t follow. Lead yourself. Be the person you were created to be. When you achieve that win or lose that weight or whatever your dream is you won’t care what others think. You will have found your true friends and supporters who are loving, supportive, encouraging and cheering you on for more.

You must celebrate openly and excitedly when you meet those goals. We owe it to ourselves to earn it, want it so badly it’s all we think about and enjoy that victory when it is finally realized. Small or big those wins matter. They were hard earned and it’s ok to celebrate them. A participation trophy doesn’t feel nearly as good as one that was hard earned with scrapes and bruises along the way. Sharing those hard earned wins is healthy for us. It’s ok to show we are excited. It’s not impolite to be happy. Expressing the happiness feeling makes it an energy that spreads to others and who thinks we don’t need more of that in our world? Being able to freely express our own feelings especially the good ones is healthy for us. It fuels more creativity, motivation, innovation and things that could make this world a beautiful place. Don’t hold back on that.

Feeling like yourself and when you are truly able to walk in grace with who you are is naturally satisfying. Amazingly we feel free, able to grow and have enriching experiences that feed how we feel and want to feel more of. That experience of feelings starts by allowing ourselves to be who we are and letting out that person. It’s the ability to express who we are in a loving way that doesn’t suppress or hold back our feelings. It lets the good out and watches it spread and grow. It attracts more of people like us to us so we don’t feel constrained but rather supported and encouraged to continue feeling good, positive and radiant. The effects of happiness is the result of being naturally you.

If you’re ready to live more naturally on your terms and feel more of that effects of happiness, join us!

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