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The Power of the Flower Moon

Tonight is a full moon called the Flower Moon. Even when we are not deep into these events with rituals and events we are still impacted by full moons. Ever think about the superstitious events and strange feelings that seems to happen on a full moon? In many ways this is our folklore taking shape from ways in which people used to tell entertaining stories about full moons but it is also aligned from how we used to live much more in sync with nature itself.

This particular full moon’s message is one of planting what we want to see bloom, grow and flourish in our lives literally and figuratively. As I think about how message and the time of year it seems very logical that this would indeed be a time of planting new seeds in my life. Ancient farmers followed this moon as an ideal time to plant crops that would feed their villages and family. The modern Farmer’s Almanac also mentions alignment to the moon’s fullness as timing for planting crops today. If it is an ideal time to plant in the ground then why not our lives too? How about using this time to plant new seeds in our life that lead us to goals we want to achieve or paths we want to venture on?

As I’ve journeyed more on my natural health path I’ve come to realize how influential the moon’s role is in my own life. It may very well be more than coincidence that I always put annuals out in my yard and potted plants on my porch in the month of May. I used to think it was because this was my way of recognizing Mother’s Day doing something I love but it’s actually way deeper than that. The Flower Moon of May is about planting physically and mentally. It is the exact moment in our year where we can plant seeds in our life for where we want to go and what we want to achieve. Without even knowing it at the time this would be the period of time a few years ago when I started forming what would become Dragonspit Apothecary. Eerie right?

I believe nature is constantly trying to get our attention. Things like spring fever, the desire to cuddle in winter and start new things are often tied to what is happening in our world, specifically in nature itself. Too far fetched you say? Consider the fact that most women’s menstrual cycles occur along the same cycle as the moon each month. The waves of the ocean are also tied to these very same moon cycles. That is more than just weird witchy theories. We are in fact beings derived from nature so it only bears worthy to consider nature is trying to call us back to her in all that we do in our lives. Is that through the moon perhaps?

I’ve never written and burned a letter for a full moon and that’s not something I’m particularly interested in doing. I am however very interested in how this influence of the moon is playing out in my life. For me this full moon means a couple things I can directly put into place in my own daily living. First, when I chose to swap our home’s products to natural products I was moving back in alignment with nature. I was letting go of anything that blocked, deterred or prevented me from feeling, moving, thinking, experiencing life in it’s purest form. Chemicals block our receptors and deteriorates our body’s natural ability to function as it was designed. Removing those helps our body heal and supports it’s own ability to optimally perform each day. It makes us more aware of our health and gives us the controls in directing our own health care without side effects.

In changing what I use every day in my life, my way of thinking has changed. When I started to learn how much our modern world relies on manufactured, man and laboratory made items that results in pollution, waste that directly impacts us physically and mentally it was shocking! We have become our own worse enemy to our health and the health of our planet. In many ways changing the products I use has made me acutely aware of how much I contribute to this problem. I am constantly looking for ways to change that now too. We can talk about recycling but until we actually stop using the products and materials that contribute to this problem recycling isn’t going to help by itself. If we want to eradicate diseases and illnesses we have to stop using things that are polluting our body, water and environment. There is not a recycled version of our health possible.

When I think about a full moon now I see how much more I need to learn to fully appreciate and apply these ancient messages. Living in a modern world aligning to nature is entirely possible and the most rewarding thing we can do for our health. My invitation to you today is not to necessarily start moon worshiping but to consider how you can take these ancient meanings, stories and messages and apply them to your own life. How is this season in your life aligned to the events of nature? How can you expand on that for moving in grace for yourself, other people and our planet? As you ponder the Flower Moon today, what can you plant now to support living more naturally on your terms?

Be sure to catch my full moon oil oracle card reading on YouTube today! I’ll be pulling cards aligned to help us release and manifest new planted seeds in our life.

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