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The Power of Touch

A really warm, loving, strong embrace that you feel encompassed by. It strengthens, comforts and fills you with hope. That simple gesture uplifts your soul, letting you know you are loved, appreciated, included, supported and cared for. That embrace is safe letting us know it’s ok to let tears fall and our guard off duty for our soul to be renewed.

Our greatest physical power as humans is our touch. We can exert force and fierceness or comfort and love all in how we approach and use this power. The significance of this power is used every day and I believe it is even more powerful than our minds for how it effects another. How we can make another feel all through our touch is unlike any other interaction we can experience.

When I learned the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique I immediately started practicing on my son and husband. This is a specific methodology for oil application that focuses on the spine, hands and feet to relief pain, inflammation, boost immunity and relax. It is not massage but the effects are calming, soothing and relaxing all the same with the extra boost of wonderful oil application that directly supports your health. At first I thought my feelings after applying this technique to them was just my excitement that I could make them feel so relaxed and good afterwards but I kept noticing something else. Each session I did this technique it left me feeling incredible too! I felt relaxed and soothed, uplifted and content. I have come to realize it is definitely the series of 8 doTERRA oils used as well as the physical contact skin-to-skin. I feel immense power to uplift, love, care for, soothe and relax through my hands when I give the AromaTouch Technique to a loved one or friend.

It seems today we don’t spend enough time touching. There are rules against it in so many settings and for good reason but even we can we often don’t. Perhaps it’s our own fear of being rejected or making an awkward moment. Maybe we’re not sure if the other person feels the same. What I have found is even if we are not entirely sure of the other person’s feelings we can connect through simple touch. A hug, a handshake, a touch to the shoulder or arm. These very non-sexual, friendly expressions of genuine concern, love and connection deepens our relationships and bonds in a very positive way. Even just sharing a smile, looking each another person in the eye and connecting this way is powerful!

Our need to connect with one another enriches our life experiences. We learn about one another and develop friendships that are supportive, loving and even lifelong. These bonds become support to help us on our journey, lifting us up when we most need it and giving us that ability to reciprocate with another. Relationships like these have an element of touch in them that reconnects and renews each time we see that person. Think about your best friend or those you get really excited to see. Often the first thing we do is hug them deeply! We smile and hold them dear. We touch their hand when talking, being supportive and expressing support. We share their space and heart. All because of the power of touch that generates between us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In this day and age we often find we don’t have these close friendships or lifelong best friends. We know hundreds of people but feel lonely, constantly trying to fit in and be one of the gang but inside we’re craving that real connection to a person. We don’t want to put up our guard, pretend to fit in or be something we’re not. That’s not genuine and long term prevents us from forming those true connections. It takes a long time sometimes to foster those types of relationships yet it is so necessary to our well-being. This isn’t something that can be entirely online either. We need that physical presence that reinforces what we feel emotionally and spiritually.

I encourage you to renew or build new the relationships in your life. Strengthen those ones that enrich your life, make you feel whole and expand who you are authentically. Use your power of touch to build, strengthen and create the bonds to others we need for our mental well-being. Lift one another up and walk the journey together. It’s so much more beautiful that way isn’t it? If you don’t have someone in your life like this, foster new connections and build those up until you find those that are a perfect fit.

Living natural means we are in tune with our needs and able to align with nature and others to fulfill them. We support and intertwine with others and nature to flow in life and experience all that it has to offer. We can certainly be independent warriors but even the warrior needs to take off the armor and feel warmth every now and again. Technology has taken from us the ability to connect on this level in so many ways. It is time we reclaimed our power of touch and connection and start living more naturally.

Are you ready? Join me!

If you’re local to me as well you can book an AromaTouch session!

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