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The Spirit Healing Season

We are beautifully made and no one part of us can live independently from the rest. In doing so, we limit and eventually break the design of our being. Understanding that we are more than our physical body, more than the greatness of our minds and even bigger still than our spirits gives us the opportunity to attempt living wholly and completely as designed. It can seem incredibly complex but in reality is as simple as breathing in mind, body and spirit simultaneously until we feel the joy of living overwhelm us.

I like to think of December as the month dedicated to healing of my spirit. It is in our spirit that we experience love and connectedness to not only those around us but in the greater universe of who we are. Too often these big sweeping questions of our purpose and why cloud the magnificence of what our spirit really needs to thrive. In much the same way our body needs air, water and food, our spirit needs connection in body, mind, others and God. We need all of who we are to feel complete. We need others for the sense of purpose and belonging. We need God to understand the power of kindness, love and overall greater understanding of life that we cannot put into words.

It is often in December I intentionally find time to slow down. It is not that I lack things to do because just like any other working mom there is a mile long list this time of year. Rather it is the deep desire and need to hear my spirit speak openly and that cannot be done amongst the hustle and bustle of all the things going on around me. Some of my truest dreams have occurred when I allowed myself to pause in this season and take it in rather than give it out. To receive the gift of peace and understanding rather than flurry past it in overwhelming anxiety.

Natural health often speaks about mediation, journaling and inner mind work often and I believe it is necessary but most people don’t understand or have the patience to do it. Yet, when we take the holiday time and use that to demonstrate what it looks like and how it feels, many people including myself feel it and know. It is a feeling that sticks with you and can build the foundation for the more extensive work of meditation, singing bowls, journaling and other reflective work we can do. I consider a form of exercise that like any we take on must be learned and then practiced. We don’t immediately go to the gym and can bench lift a heavy weight. We build up to that using smaller weights, repeatedly.

When I first learned to use the holiday time as a way to learn meditation and reflection, I found myself at first thinking I was missing out on something else. It felt like punishment. Surely, if I wanted to heal and support my spirit than going out and being with others was a great idea! It can be but more often than not we need solo time first to know our own spirit and call her by name before it makes any sense to us in the connection with others. We need the time to ourselves for just listening to the silence. It is deafening at first and uncomfortable but once past that it is serene and delightful.

What it means to heal your soul is to have the opportunity to check in with yourself. To understand how you feel, what your body is saying, what you think and where your heart is. It feels like unpacking a box of old photographs of yourself and enjoying the journey down memory lane while excitedly talking about what’s next for your scrapbook. I don’t necessarily encourage making goals at this time but rather letting the feelings come up, feeling them, and then releasing them. Letting them flow in and around you and holding close the ones that please your spirit. There will be time in the coming months to build plans, execute tasks and achieve goals but for now it is enough to dream, listen, marvel, reflect, and enjoy the presence of your spirit.

Through this process I find it easier to mix with groups and be among the cheerful holiday noise. I have my own peace about me and get less wrapped up in stress from it all. My favorite space where I can walk in a store, hear the music and enjoy it while I browse, shop and wait in lines.

True happiness regardless of circumstance in a balanced place where we are meant to live all the time. It is where our mind-body-spirit are all in alignment and connected so we can connect meaningful, intentionally and lovingly to those around us.

I notice too my prayers become more enriched during this time as a result of this work. Gratitude flows more easily and I find that holiday joy without it being forced or obligatory. I am one with myself and God on a deeper level as a result. That feels rewarding and fulfilling. If I had to speculate it is where the idea of dancing under the snowflakes came from. The expression of childlike joy and curiosity allows our spontaneity and playfulness to be experienced openly and without regard to who is watching or tsking us.

While I have never been much of a journal buff it is ideal to use this exercise to journal your thoughts, dreams, feelings and ideas. These insights give you insight to where possible paths of new experiences and dreams become doable. Again, it is not with the intention to lay out a budget, new construction plan or anything of the sort but rather ideas, free flowing thoughts and dreams of where you are at this time. Being intentionally present and seeing yourself in your current place, enjoying your life and being rooted to the Earth.

Winter months are intentional in nature for the rest and slumber. We all need sleep in order to spark new growth. It is vital for our function and operation. Without judgement we let ourselves relax into a mode of deep relaxation that succumbs us to sleep in peace. That is not only where our body repairs our cells but also our mind and spirit meld into a joint conversation through our dreams. If you truly want to know your purpose in life, your true calling or even what you should do with yourself, take a good winter nap.

Learning to heal your spirit by slowing down and taking in the time of this season is healthy for your overall well-being. Doing so, can set the stage for successful resolutions and goals coming from a place of true alignment for what is right for yourself. In a time when we can be anyone we should work to be more of ourself.

For support, help with your health in mind-body-spirit, I wish you time to relax. I hold space that you use this time of season for the benefit of your well-being and personal health.

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