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Time to Act

We live in a world where scarcity and limitation can be so easily manipulated to get us to act when maybe we are not ready. We are surrounded by messages of needing to act right now or else risk that something won’t be available, the same, or as good if we wait until later. It’s pressure against our emotions that feels like anxiety and stress and in turn we also feel our heart beat a little faster or our palms begin to sweat as we consider these messages. It is marketing at it’s finest to be able to trigger these types of reactions in hopes of making a sale. It builds on our very own instant gratification need for wants without regard sometimes to necessity or future use.

Besides making us want something now that we may not have even considered wanting, there are other effects we experience. The truth is the long term effects of presenting something in a scarcity or limited way carries with us much longer than the potential sale of one item. We can begin to see other things as potentially scare and limited as well. We feel a heightened concern for how we will survive or get what we need. We can also develop limiting beliefs about ourselves and see that maybe we didn’t deserve or were worthy of something if we missed out. These effects can have negative ramifications to our self-image, confidence and even influence our future buying decisions.

I think a lot of our own self-limiting and self-worth beliefs stem from the very idea that there is scarcity and limitations in our world. We are made to believe only certain people can be called beautiful, famous, smart, or even fortunate. If we don’t fit in within the criteria used to describe these things in society’s terms within the time dictated than we are not worthy of having those labels bestowed on us. We will also never amount to achieving them either and if we do surely we will be too old for them anyway. This plays with our ability to feel like we can overcome, stay positive and even motivated to attempt to climb those mountains.

The urgency of time is always at hand to hurry up and win or be on top. It creates this competitiveness that often doesn’t feel good. We are pitted against each other comparing, pushing each other down for our own gain and fighting over things that in the whole picture of life make no sense to fight on. Yet if we don’t we will be left behind, an opportunity lost to us and something we wanted no longer available. Time again comes into the play of how we get ahead before anyone else for what we want in this life.

It is hard to step away from this way of thinking and behaving because it is so ingrained with all that we do. It’s all a time sensitive competition to do and be the best so we are not judged as less and can secure our place in the world. We feel by achieving something or getting the rare thing that everyone wants we will have our self-worth restored. We may feel great for a while but the reality is if our self-worth is not based on what we have or have done. Chasing that type of worth will only leave us feeling short changed.

The best way I know to break free of this type of time driven worth thinking is to recognize it. Knowing how it makes us physically and emotionally feel, how it is triggered and what we do in response is important to knowing how to manage it. Realizing what it causing us to feel the urgency to act and why helps us to decipher our true motivations as well.

When we are living in alignment to our true self, we understand what make us tick. We know what is important to us and what know our value and worth. We realize there is not scarcity or limitation in anything including our own being. That change in thinking takes away the time sensitivity to acting as well. We can feel confident when we make a purchasing decision or life decision that we are acting in a way that is right for us and not because it is limited or scarce. In return we get exactly what is right for us each time in all our decisions and choices. It is not less or limited in any way but rather it is perfect.

Getting to the point we stop letting society define our self-worth and freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs opens the doors to natural living. We move in a way that is much more intentional and less stressed. There may be a rush but it is a rush to things we truly know serve us rather than someone shouting it’s what we should do or have. It puts us in control of our own life rather than against a clock or even another person. We stop seeing winners and losers. Our lives are not judged by who has what or choices made. It becomes individualized, personal and unique. That one of the kind mindset is also not limited but it is rare and admired.

When we can truly feel comfortable being ourselves and releasing time from our decision making we realize how empowered we really are. The skillful marketing tricks of urgent buying no longer drive us to things that are not exactly right for us when we need them. There is a time to act but it is our time when that happens not a salesperson. What an empowering way to live!

Mastering this skill takes time and may even be a lifetime of learning to listen to our body and mind. It is realizing our emotional responses are often a result of fear and fear is a powerful force to contend and face. However, reconciling fear is often best dealt with by adapting our own mindset for seeing there is no such thing as scarcity or limitations in what we need, who we are and what we want to have in our life. There is only our own willingness to define what that is in all honest vulnerability and allow ourselves the freedom to dream and work for it. Time is never urgent when we are pursuing what is perfect for our life.

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