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What I Know About Learning

Learning is at the very core of what makes humans who we are. Our ability to generate, absorb, be inspired by and build what we do from what we learn is simply unlike any other creature on this planet. We have incredible abilities and talents to do, figure out and manifest the impossible. While it can be argued we are at times the smartest and at times the dumbest of beings, there is no questioning some of the accomplishments we have made. It all starts with our innate ability to learn.

It is well known we each have a way we best learn. While we can learn through a variety of ways and it is best to mix them up at times to challenge ourselves, we all have a special way that speaks to us the best. What I know about learning is that regardless of method we prefer, we learn best and the most when our heart is into it. When the light bulb goes on in our heads connecting the dots and our heart speaks out with a curious question or full blown passionate expression we are ready to learn all we can. It takes a curious attention grabbing instant for this to occur but has the power to change the life of anyone who experiences it. From the first word a child excitedly reads for the first time on their own to discovering what something is used for in our adult life we all have this connected ability to learn.

What I know about learning is it is natural for us to want to learn. We are curious about things, how they work, what makes them tick and how they can help us. We are interested in variety of topics and often pass from one subject ot the next exploring at a surface and detailed level. Even when we are long pass our school days of books and instruction we continue to learn. Learning is much like our own heartbeat in its necessity to keep life interesting, entertaining and insightful. It keeps us young in mind, body and spirit.

Learning is more than just taking courses and carrying a backpack full of books. It is about experiencing, exploring and developing an appreciation for life itself. What I believe about learning is it is often what we learn outside a classroom that changes and shapes our life. It is the hard and easy lessons of living and learning along the way of our personal journeys that makes life uniquely our own. Being guided by teachers, parents, mentors and more along the way provide the valuable information to help at times but it is when we actually go and apply what we have learned from them and develop on our own that gives us the true lesson of life.

What I know about learning is it is not the same as wisdom. Learning is the process of developing knowledge, applying it in our life where it can grow into wisdom over time. Wisdom is the tried and true experiences of our adventures. Wisdom is what we earn from living that in turn becomes the learning opportunities for those coming after us. What I know about learning is it is very important to take advantage of wise people. Listen to the old stories, cherish these memories with them and use them to help you on your way.

Nature is always prevalent in our learning. It is the backdrop, collaborator, teacher, resource and subject in everything we do. What I know about learning is we must absolutely learn all we can from nature. Recognizing the messages from nature is the ultimate wise source we can always turn to for information, knowledge, and help. Nature always has an answer if we’re willing to look for it. Nature is never outdated in what it can offer to us. Ever changing, evolving and yet consistent and stable, nature itself is the source of ultimate wisdom we need to learn from. No where else can we see the history of man through the scars we have made on the land to learn where we can be better.

Learning is an experience. It occurs when we are open to receiving what is possible and considering it completely to form our own conclusion. What I know about learning is there are a lot of people who will claim they have the answers but if you truly want to learn you must find them yourself. I believe it is worthwhile to look at and explore as much as you can. Take what you need and can use but form your own conclusion and decision. I believe anything short of that leaves us simply copying answers from someone else and missing out on the experience ourselves. I believe we all deserve the chance to learn something and make it our own instead of just assuming someone else is right and speaks from a place of truth.

What I know about learning is each day offers us the opportunity to see things anew, try again and explore something entirely differently. It is our appetite for these things that keeps us motivated to rise the next day with a fresh energy to explore and dig in to what is possible. It is what gives us the ability to be our own person, create something that doesn’t exist and live our best life most naturally. Taking what we learn and using it to build our life, advance on our journey and fully appreciate all this life has to offer is one of if not the greatest blessing of them all.

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