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What I Know for Sure About Early Spring

Posted on March 31, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

Early spring is much like pre-dawn. Everything is dark, still chilly from the nighttime and quiet. We savor that quietness in meditation and prayer knowing the day will soon dawn and activity will burst and bustle around us. In this moment however before all that starts we enjoy this peaceful, quiet time. We look forward to what’s coming and yet it feels wonderful to wait for it.

What I know for sure about early spring time is we can move in a quiet peaceful grace of anticipation. We can feel out very being pumping blood through our veins and giving us that energy to move but on our own terms, in our own pace. The rush of daily demands can be formed around us in a way that is loving, supportive and uplifting rather than bogging us down and draining us to exhaustion. We can use the power of early spring to form what that life looks like and embark on a natural journey that is true to our needs and dreams. We have so much power and ability to shape the life we want and yet mostly we fall in with daily life noise that steals our joy and robs us of our time. What I know for sure is we can recapture that power and manifest the life we really want.

Soon flowers will burst from the ground in colorful blooms and everything will be bright and warm. These are the blessings of the Earth awakening in fresh light to let us know we are still alive. We are naturally more energetic in this time preparing for what’s coming. We are visiting garden centers looking for pretty flowers to add to our porch or refreshing flower beds with fresh mulch. Our soul is calling us to connect with soil and nature. It is calling us to go into nature and be renewed, refreshed and realigned to what our true calling and purpose is in this life. Listen to your soul and heart, follow that calling, take that risk and see what happens. When we move in alignment with our soul and nature powerful shifts can happen that fulfill us like nothing else.

What I know for sure is early spring time is when we can best start to put our dreams into motion for bringing them into life. We can birth new ideas, feel a heightened creativity and move more easily into things that once scared us or didn’t fit right. Now they do. Much like a new fawn trying out her long legs for the first time we can try out our ideas and apply our creativity in new ways that build us up. Leveraging the power of this season can help us live more contently on our terms and realize our own power. What I know for sure is we all have this ability to stand on our own feet and a power within us that can be used to soar if we let it.

In early spring it can still seem like winter is holding tightly with no sign of letting up. There may still be snow on the ground and a late winter storm that rolls in but we know this will soon pass and the Earth will soften, temperatures will rise and the storm will pass. What I know for sure is these signs of early spring weather changes are the same signs that appear in our life signaling our own life storms will too soon pass. We may encounter unexpected weather in our life that feels like a tight grip that won’t let loose but even the worst of times pass sooner or later to let fresh light and warmth in. Our ability to continue growing, persisting in determination and training for strength will help us overcome even the longest holding life winter storms. We can heal, improve, enrich and grow even in the toughest of times and still come out beautiful. This I definitely know for sure.