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What I Learned from a Nurse

Working in healthcare the past 30 years has meant I’ve worked with quite a few nurses. Some I have become very good friends with over the years and others I couldn’t wait to get away from. They all shared however the common trait of genuinely caring for people. Underneath their sometimes overly direct, rough exteriors and demeanor are these gentle hearts and spirits that have this distinct high level acuity for loving and caring for another person. It is a trait I’ve not found in any other profession to the extent you can find it in a nurse.

Their knowledge, strength, endurance and ability to do many things at once is something to be admired. Even when I was younger the idea of working shifts of 14 to 16 hours for repetitive days seems exhausting to me just thinking about it! On top of that they spend the majority of that time on their feet, moving quickly and rarely getting even a cup of coffee that is still hot. In many ways what nurses do reminds me of how I care for my family. Going from task to talk, preparing meals, getting homework done, laundry folded and rugs cleaned as fast as I can so I can enjoy my coffee while it’s still hot – hopefully.

In working with these nurses, both male and female, I’ve learned several things that have influenced how I take care of my own health and that of my family. When I’m uncertain I call some of my nurse friends for help and they are always willing to tell me their best advice. However as I reflect on what I’ve learned this is what stands out the most:

  • Have solid trustworthy resources at your fingertips. Books, internet, nurse friends and more but make sure they are trustworthy and reliable for when you need them the most

  • Challenge opinions and diagnosis. It’s so easy to put our trust in things that are advertised to us or given by a professional but in reality they are people just like us. They are not all knowing and sometimes they are guessing. It’s ok to ask questions, learn information and always make informed choices on your own when it comes to your health

  • Try different things. There is not a one sized fits all way to health or recovery. Our medical industry has missed the boat on this concept and it’s resulted in a multi-billion dollar pharmacy industry that is not healing people or improving health. Explore options, try different methods and treatments and be open to stepping outside the traditional course for something that could save your life.

  • Be tenacious. I love this one because of everything I’ve observed from working with a nurse I never saw one give up. Ever. Even when they were tired, frustrated, and everyone was saying it was hopeless they never gave up. They continued to love, care, support, comfort and be there. Don’t ever give up.

What has maybe not surprised me but rather has been a pleasant alignment of things for me is when I started to live more naturally. I saw so many of the same principles and foundation of beliefs I learned in the healthcare industry be present in this space of natural lifestyles. Yet what is keenly different is how much more the points I make above are realized in living every day and in the healthcare choices we make as a family. Where traditional medicine continually increases doses, swaps drugs and increases costs, I have the ability to control those options. I have tools at my fingertips to research treatments, methods for healing and minimizing my reliance on a broken healthcare system. I can speak up in my care planning details to get what is right for me included in that plan and acknowledge as part of the treatment I am paying for and enduring. I can try different things with my doctor and on my own that are effective, safe and present a path to healing and recovery. Most importantly I can have hope that true health is not only possible but achievable. I don’t have to take medicine the rest of my life and not see weight resist being lost. I have controls that let me actively participate in the health and well-being of my own body and mind!

So to my nurse friends and those that I have worked with through the years, yes even those that annoy and frustrate me, thank you! Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for giving of yourself time and time again without falter or question. Thank you for never giving up hope on me.

If you’re ready to live more naturally on your terms, join me and my nurse friends on a natural health journey that will truly change you life.

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