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When Money Wasn’t King

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

When Money Wasn’t King is a title song from the late Tom Petty. He sings about how things were different before everything was for sale and we became focused just on making money from our talents. He describes how before this happened people enjoyed and even loved what they did and there was a freedom to be creative, deep and free but that doesn’t happen anymore. As this wonderful storyteller says there once was a time we didn’t have to hide behind something we were not in order to be free and make money.

The message in this song is powerful. Unfortunately, we are all driven by the demands of what money provides. Our homes, cars, clothes, food just for starters but it goes on from there as we all know. I don’t think money is inherently bad nor do I think earning it is a bad thing either. But, is there truly a way to make money and enjoy what we’re doing? Is there a way to support that creative free spirit spoke to in this song free from the demands of money? Is the cliche that if you find something you love doing you’ll never work a day in your life possible?

Earning Money Being Yourself

It’s not always easy or convenient running a small business and working full time. There are times it takes a lot of time and then there are times when it seems to balance nicely. There are however two important things I notice the most from managing and balancing these obligations the past couple years. The first is I have a creative outlet now for my spirit that also earns me money. The other thing I notice is I can truly be myself.

I believe every one of us has the basic skills to create something of our own. For me that was selling a product I firmly believe in and sharing my journey to help others realize the benefits and savings that I have from this experience. The work I put into my small business, including this blog, is truly a labor of love and passion that I’m fulfilled by in ways my corporate job hasn’t met in years. For me, the song When Money Wasn’t King is true when it comes to this business I’ve started. I see what he meant, I feel it in my spirit and I hear my own voice come through.

To be able to make decisions, apply my recommendations and create the moments that make a difference directly in my business is truly rewarding. It’s still work, it’s still an obligation I’ve chosen but for some reason I feel free doing it. I don’t feel the constraints and limitations that I do with my regular job. If you’re looking for stretching and increasing the value of your time and money then starting something of your own is definitely worth considering.

That feeling can come from a direct marketing company, like doTERRA, or a business you have created with your own product or service line. It becomes yours and a part of your identity that captivates your imagination and generates a new level of energy. That is what the song is about and that is what work should feel like. The good news is I am being paid for it too and that really makes it feel good.

But There’s Still Another Part of Reality

Yes, I still work in the corporate world. I dream of the day my little business isn’t so little anymore and I can walk away from corporate work but that’s not today. I still go to my regular job and put in my time, energy and talent to fulfilling those obligations. I still give it my best every day but I know where my heart belongs.

If you really want more time and money then it is possible for you too. It doesn’t mean there won’t be months you consider yourself crazy for doing it or moments where you begin to doubt yourself. It also doesn’t mean there won’t be times when your regular job takes more from you and limits what you can focus on for your business but it can still be done. It’s what you set your mind to and the continual pursuit of that freedom you feel is completely worth it in the end.

As far as the doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life cliche, I still don’t know if that is completely true. It is still work at times. It still takes time and it still takes energy but it does seem possible to an extent. I think the doing what you love offsets the work part because you don’t feel the constraint like how we think of work normally. There will always be tasks we don’t like to do but here too the trick is finding a way that works for you. Making it your own and applying your own style to it in a way that eliminates the “pain” of having to do that task. I haven’t found another area in my career where that is possible to the extent it is in my own business.

Interested in more?

Direct marketing has its stories and there are lots of companies to choose from if this is your choice for how to have your own business. My advice is to find one that speaks to your heart, the one that lights your soul and fulfills that freedom of spirit. The money will come but it’s truly not king anymore if you have found that freedom in your using your talent fully.

If you have questions about this post or how doTERRA works please reach out.

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