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When Natural Doesn't Seem Like It's Working

It took me a while to figure out that sometimes natural products don’t work. GASP! Here I am the person who writes a natural living blog telling you that sometimes things do not work when it comes to natural products. That just sealed your conviction it really is all a bunch of hocus pocus didn’t it?

I really wanted natural deodorant to work. There must have been every brand of natural deodorant known in our bathroom cabinet at this point with my experimentation. I was determined though and continued using them, thinking it was just my body that needed to detox from regular deodorant. To date, nothing worked and I had a nasty rash under my arms that lasted for well over a year in my vain attempt. Perhaps this was going to be the one thing I could not swap for natural and was destined to use deodorants with aluminum and other ingredients I knew were bad for me.

This experience brought to my attention in a very big rash that was itchy and irritating way, sometimes what is packaged as natural isn’t right for us. Even though it says natural on the label and may have the best natural ingredients it may not work for us. That is both the beauty and complexity of natural health. This is the largest difference between regular off the shelf products and natural products too. No where else do we get the truest form of personalization in every day products than when we choose natural options. Finding the right option is where most people give up because we’re simply not used to that aspect in our every day product selection.

I remember the days of shopping for whatever was on sale when it came to household products, my shampoo, laundry soap and deodorant. There were brands I favored like the detergent that comes in the orange bottles but for most part I was price sensitive over anything else. When it comes to shopping for natural products it is all about what I like, what works for me and what is more natural. When it comes to pricing most natural products compare these days to regular off the shelf products. In most cases too, you use less of the natural product so it lasts longer and you actually end up saving more money on how often you need to replenish it.

We like to think we have complete consumer freedom to choose products right for us but when we do an ingredient comparison we find this is not true at all. The choices come down to price, chemical fragrance preference and styling of the product itself. Beyond that, all other factors are the same as in the exact same. Breaking that consumer chain means we opt for products where the ingredients are able to be easily pronounced and we distinctively select what that looks like for each of us. By comparison, natural products have a variety of different ingredients including real natural aromas that make them unique by brand.

So back to my deodorant situation. It was not that the deodorants I tried didn’t work, it is that they didn’t work for me. I needed to find one that was baking soda free and that had a lavender essential oil rather than fabricated lavender scent for best skin sensitivity that my body responds well on. It took some time to figure that out and unfortunately it did result in a rash through the process. It also did take time for my body to get rid of the toxins from using regular aluminum based deodorants for many years. My body was in shock that I expected it to sweat out toxins and stuff I didn’t need the way it was designed to do. I just didn’t have to stink about it in the process.

When I hear people say essential oils don’t work or they had an experience that didn’t give them the results they wanted, I remember my deodorant story. I recount the months it took me to figure out what was right for my body and a brand with ingredients my body thrives on. There were days I considered giving up but I knew the benefit long term was more than just a day of not smelling fresh. This was about my very health and well-being as well as being a consumer who truly enjoys product freedom that extends beyond the price.

Value is at the heart of natural products. Once you find the right ones and get it aligned with your body, there is incredible value not only in prices but in the benefits we can realize. For me it was hormonal balancing by using a chemical free deodorant and household cleaners that don’t weaken my family’s immune systems. There is no price I can put on that peace of mind.

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