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Winter is Nature's Secret Power

Preparing to go into a New Year brings about this time where we start thinking big picture. Resolutions, dreams, goals, and creative ideas start popping up like spring wildflowers. Even though it is the dead of winter some of our best thinking comes at this time of year because it is now that our intuition and dreams are the loudest.

You thought Santa was the only one that brought gifts right?

The truth is winter is the season of inspiration through our thoughts, dreams and intuitive alignment. It is what happens when we are aligned in living with nature, using the very seasons to support our health and well-being. The results can be exceptional life changing big impacts to our life in not

only the new year coming but for years to come!

Using Winter to Your Advantage

I do not enjoy winter for it’s blustery gray cold days. I specifically do not like or enjoy snow and ice. Being cold is the least favorite thing I can think to do in my day. Yet even though I don’t like winter’s temperature, grayness and snow I can still deeply appreciate and love the health support winter brings to my being. It is in this very season we can be most alive in our life.

Most of us feel our best around the holidays. Everything is bright, warm, cheerful and we feel pulled into the holiday spirit. We are anticipating, feeling excited and even nostalgic in all the good ways. These very feelings are more than just holiday glow from the twinkle of tree lights. It is nature speaking to us in her loudest voice that we need her at this very moment from our head to toes and everywhere in between. Holiday time is the perfect way to explain how living naturally in mind-body-spirit actually feels when we are aligned with nature. Our true self and being. The state we were intended to live every day of our lives and not just when it’s almost the holidays.

This alignment actually starts at the time the days get shorter and we are drawn indoors against the dark, colder evenings. It is nature’s way of saying we need rest, connection to each other and warmth physically and emotionally. That is very intentional for why we are often drawn to warm foods that give us comfort, make us feel secure and cozy deeply in quilts.

Understanding this connection and maximizing the time for supporting your health is where it all begins in shifting not only our emotional health but that delicate balance in mind-body-spirit overall.

Tapping into Your Winter Health

Now that you know what to recognize in the change of seasons, how do you actually tap into the health benefits of it all?

That is easy and you’re probably already doing it!

First though, we have to get real about stress. This is the one thing that will seriously block your qi and mess up every aspect of your health. Stress is often downplayed as just something we must all tolerate in the name of adulting but it is the one thing that can seriously derail not only our health but our hopes and dreams. We have to work through the stress in our lives and get it to the point we are not being managed by it every second of every day. That could mean a lot of different things to different people but being honest and real about stress is where health begins in the modern age.

Please understand that fixing stress in your life is not a 5 minute band-aid either. I’m talking big things like boundaries, changes in lifestyle and letting go of the persona our life is a perfect IG reel 24/7. That work takes time but is necessary to release it so we can feel like our true self again while finding the balance that allows us to move forward. Setting a goal or starting a new diet in the middle of chaos is a recipe for disaster every single time.

Winter can be a great time to work on addressing stress too! Using the downtime and cold weather to sort through your life is ideal so you can emerge in the spring stronger, lighter and happier.

The next step in the process is to let yourself dream. This may seem odd but letting yourself open up to dreams, wishes and inner thoughts allows you to glimpse at your soul. Capturing these things on paper starts to breathe life into them as well. This step lets us get creative and dream up the wildest, craziest things we’ve always wanted to have in our life but never did or chased or built.

Now it is possible to let those thoughts emerge to the surface and linger.

Without judgement write down everything that