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A Normal Person Balancing Natural Living

I don’t think I’m weird.

Using essential oils and natural products I don’t believe has made me strange.

I’m still the mom driving a minivan trying to fit it all in and make it look good while doing it between career and family. I still love coffee in big cups, junk food that comes in bags and a good sappy, girl power chick flick. Yoga pants, messy hair buns and bare feet are sheer bliss some days.

But something has definitely changed since I started using essential oils.

I got interested in where else oils could improve my health and that of my family.  From using oils I started realizing there’s so much more room for change.

I started reading, researching and asking questions about what different oils did and how they were used. I looked at what made oils different, compared different brands, the sourcing, the naysayers, the supporters, the medical opinions and anything I could get my hands on all the while using these two little samples. Working in the health care industry made it easy to get all kinds of opinions on alternative and natural health from both sides of the aisle.

My face was all the proof I ultimately needed. It was hard to argue with the results I was personally seeing after years of trying everything without result to treat and manage adult acne and the appearance of 40-something skin care needs.

I went with doTERRA because the results I experienced first hand were undeniable.

In all honesty, I liked the company and what they offered. They’re solid, truthful, honest and caring.  I believe in their products and love the support and education I have received. The culture is unlike any I have seen in most corporations I’ve worked and in any other network marketing company I’ve ever seen. It’s positive, non-competitive, and truly focused on improving life and health for everyone. It is a model I wish were more prominent in corporations across industries. There is a true message of family, love and caring for one another.

When I signed up with doTERRA I purchased their Home Essentials Kit. This kit contains the top 10 most frequently used oils and a high quality diffuser.