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A Point for Essential Oils: Oregano vs. Amoxicillin

There are many pessimists in the world who say natural solutions and essential oils are not helpful in treating illness or in creating or maintaining health. (Recall my Snake Oil, Anyone? post recently on this topic.)

It is unfortunate that given the severity of so many diseases and illnesses that there are not more open to the possibilities of using natural methods in the course of treatment. Those opinions are slowly changing but will  it be too little too late?

The video below is of a high school student and it is truly impressive. The video is about his high school science fair project, a pretty normal rite of passage we’ve all been through. However, the twist is that he encouraged his teacher to also consider an honest comparison between traditional and natural medicine because she thought the experiment would fail.

The results prove there is merit and hope to rebuild our immune systems to work with nature and greatly reduce the scary inability to fight illness and manage diseases.  There are many situations in life where traditional antibiotics are no longer effective and cannot protect us.

This call to action to consider natural alternatives in our lives goes beyond just the expense and brokenness of the health care system but is rather the basic human need of finding real solutions to cure diseases, manage illness and actually improve our health while reducing medication dependency.  We have the answers to do this if we only look through clear lenses like this student did.

What a wonderful influence he will become in the world!

Interested in more?

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, how to use them and how they can help in your life, please reach out to me. I’m happy to answer any questions and help you get the oils that are right for you.

Oregano is a wonderful essential oil that we use in our own home for cooking as well as illnesses such as colds, flu and fever. One drop of this powerful essential oil to the bottom of your feet and it is incredible how much better we feel.

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