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A Rose By Any Other Name

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I have found some wacky names for plants this month. It seems most flowers do have a nickname derived from when it was first identified, what it was used for or some other colorful historical or folklore references. No one though appears to have nicknamed the rose with some of these oddly framed references. A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet it does so seem.

Roses are truly unique. This is especially true when we look at rose’s vibration frequency. Every living thing on the planet has a vibration level. When it comes to plants, think of it like our own heart beat. A plant’s vibration is emitted to draw bees and is what helps it thrive, bloom, develop colors and generate aroma. The rose’s heart beat is the strongest of any known living flower. Our own average energy is measured at 62- 78 hz. The vibration frequency of a rose is 320hz!

Along with having a very high vibration frequency, this well loved garden flower and token of love has many health benefits we can incorporate into our life every day.

Rose Medicine

Roses have been used for thousands of years medicinally. Rose water was documented as a resource for disinfecting and washing hands before meals and cleansing the body. At a time when baths and personal hygiene were not regular habits this luxury of having scented water for cleaning was most used by the rich and royal. Rose hips was also used for teas to help with indigestion and diarrhea as well as fainting and strengthening the organs of the body.

Today, we can enjoy many benefits from using Rosa essential oil in our health. The doTERRA Rose essential oil comes in a diluted roller ball bottle allowing for aromatic and skin application. This oil is beneficial for things such as:

  1. Low libido

  2. Bacterial and fungus infections

  3. Grief and depression

  4. Childbirth

  5. Postpartum depression

  6. Irregular menstruation

  7. Impotence

Using this oil topically to the skin such as bottom of the feet, across the stomach and over the heart helps with supporting these needs. Additionally aromatically wearing this essential oil provides emotional support for complex feelings of being unloved or unaccepted.

The Oil of Divine Love

The rose is symbolic of love and unity to another. It is a flower of the heart and associated with stories of love through the ages. Rose however is also associated with higher power love and Heaven. For this reason, rose is associated with divine grace and heart matters.

Rose essential oil supports our heart and promotes feelings of faith, clarity, compassion and of course love. It is a healing oil that looks to help us find that sense of completeness and wholeness.

Oils for Rose

These oils enhance the benefits of Rose essential oil and promote increased benefits when blended.

  1. Geranium for love, connection to another

  2. Arborvitae for divine grace and grounding

  3. Lavender for healing and heart support

Interested in more?

Including doTERRA Rose Touch in your day helps protect your heart and feel the warmth and love that truly is all around us.

If you have questions about the oils or products in this post, please reach out.

To get your doTERRA Rose Touch simply click here:

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