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Are You Brave Enough to Love You?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Many of us only think of self-love when we are lacking it and mistakenly think it is because we need something larger that is missing in our lives. We think this something is just the thing to fill our souls and complete our lives and by having it we will be happy. However, soon after obtaining it we feel those sames incomplete feelings and may feel lonely, overwhelmed, highly stressed or exhausted. We sooner or later realize that something is no longer working well in our life.. We are beat down from the stresses of life whether from outside forces or things we have piled in our own life to hide what we have been truly needing.

We also tend to limit self-love to an imaginary vision we have about ourselves. This vision is where we see and feel our very best, we are at our skinniest weight and have on a fabulous outfit on. We’re doing something that we are proud of or have achieved and all eyes are on us. There is a huge smile on our face because we feel this incredible warmth, inclusiveness, and spotlight of love all around us. Everything is good and feels good at that very moment. This surrounding of warmth and love is what we think life is supposed to feel like or what we wish it would feel like more often. We think by doing this thing or achieving a higher level of success we will get all that good feeling around us instantly from others.

The problem with both of these views is they are both dependent on what others think and feel about us. We are thinking our happiness comes from the outside. That by doing something great or having something of value in our lives we will have just the right amount of love and be included by others. We will be adored and surrounded by happiness and love.

When these things don’t transpire like we imagine we scold ourselves for not being good enough or we self-soothe with bad habits like over-eating, drinking or over-doing something else. We let our emotions take over and fall deeper into this cycle of believing we will never obtain our idea of perfect love.


We have to be brave enough to love ourselves so that who we really are can come through and influence who and what we have around us in a deeper more solid way.

There’s Power in Loving You

When we stop the cycle thinking that we need to push others to accept and love us because we have some special skill, are super funny, beautiful or some other exterior trait it can at first feel very lonely and desolate. We are unfamiliar and uncomfortable in our own skin and we don’t know who we really are. This is a struggle for many of us because by design we long to be connected with others.

This uncomfortable feeling though is something that will be our path to figuring our who we are, what we like and don’t like, what makes us passionate, creative and feel fulfilled. It will help us figure out how to love ourselves. By understanding and supporting these things about ourselves, we