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Aspire One

Doterra rolled out an incredible special this month. It’s different and has everyone in a flurry.

So everyone was expecting the usual Deep Blue promotion that has occurred for the past couple years in March. Usually it is for a 200PV order you get a free 4 ounce tube of the Deep Blue lotion. It’s an incredible product and well worth a large monthly order to get this freebie. However, super sleuths caught on quick that doTERRA actually had as one of the Buy One Get One promotions the last week of February the Buy a 5ml bottle of Deep Blue essential oil and get the 4 ounce Deep Blue lotion for free. That was an incredible BOGO that maxed out the quantities people could order.

So this left everyone wondering… What’s going to be the March promotion?

Will doTERRA offer the Deep Blue lotion as they have in the past couple years?

Come on March! Let’s see what’s going on here!

In fact, everyone has been quite over the top excited at what did roll out as the Product of the Month, Special Sale Item and Super Special SURPRISE items!


First of all the free product of the month is Grapefruit. This is a perfect oil for March in so many ways.

  1. It’s a great cleaner around the house

  2. The oil can be diffused to lift spirts

  3. Supports emotional healing for healthy relationships with food

  4. Is great to add into water for detoxing and eliminating water bloat

  5. Helps reduce sugar cravings

  6. Supports gallbladder health

  7. Balances cell health for breast, uterine and progesterone concerns


Great oil right?

Well it only got better from there for this month….


doTerra also has Cypress on sale this month for an additional 10% off the wholesale price.

Cypress is supreme!

  1. It helps with young children who are working through growing out of bedwetting

  2. Supports restless leg syndrome and circulation improvement

  3. Improves lymph node functions

  4. Reduces varicose veins and hemrrhoids

  5. Breaks down cellulite

  6. Supports prostate and ovary functions

  7. Relief for heavy periods, endometriosis and fibroid pain

What a powerhouse oil!



The awesome fairy godmother leaders at doTERRA pulled out for public sale the incredible Aspire AND One oil blends.

This is pure madness!

These oils have never been offered publicly before.

They were only given as gifts for those attending the doTERRA Galas in 2015 and 2016.

These were the coveted oils most of us had only heard rumors about and wondered, “Do they really exist?”

The awe, the magic and the spectacle rumors of these awesome oils finally making a debut for all to enjoy!

(DISCLAIMER: Quantities are limited)

I have been fortunate to smell these fabulous oils from my upline and attest to their beauty and dazzle.

You must try these for yourself and like Disney says best, “These offers won’t last long and once the vault closes it may never open again.”

For a Limited Time Only - with prices

Interested in more?

If you’d like to experience the magic of Aspire and One, enroll today! I will help you select the right enrollment kit for your needs and we can get you these fabulous oils to go with it.

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