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Attack of the Green Pollen

When Spring comes around I instantly want to go outside and play in the garden, cleaning up the beds, checking the spring bulbs popping out of the ground and fussing with cutting back things.

As much as I love this time of year, the area we live in is notorious for pine tree pollen.  You can sometimes literally see a green blog of pollen floating in the air like fumes trailing after an airplane in the sky.  It’s beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

With this weather change many of us will suffer from an uptick in the number and types of headaches we may experience.  Spring headaches have a way of taking the fun out of enjoying Spring’s warm, bright weather. Thankfully there are natural ways to manage them that won’t leave you unable to function and stuck in bed with a throbbing head.

I love this info-graphic from Dr. Axe outlining the type of headache, common causes and oils that can help eliminate the pain. This is a great 1 page reference sheet to make sure the oils you are going to use for your headache are the right choice.


I try to avoid taking medicine as much as possible. This may not always work with a headache but before I reach for an aspirin or other form of pill I will try essential oils  first.

When a sinus headache hits me I will dab a drop of Peppermint on my forehead and behind my ears. This works great and gives some rather instant relief.

Here is a great chart of where to apply oils for the type of headache you have:

There is also a roller ball blend of oils you can make that can be applied to the forehead, behind the ears and back of the neck. It is soothing and provides relief.

In a 10ml roller ball bottle add:

  1. 20 drops Peppermint

  2. 15 drops Lavender

  3. 15 drops Frankincense

  4. 15 drops Eucalyptus

Fill rest with fractionated coconut oil

If  I find that my head still hurts after a while I may take an aspirin and apply another dose of essential oils.

If you are using prescription medications for headaches, please make your doctor aware you are complimenting treatment with essential oils. They can help you track improvements that may eventually lead to weaning off prescription medications. Please be advised that not all providers endorse using natural and alternative treatments. If you’re doctor does not then consider finding one that is open to considering it.


How do you treat headaches naturally? Put your comments below!

Interested in more?

If you’d like to get the oils described for the headache roller ball, please contact me! I’m happy to help you get the oils that are right for your needs.

You can purchase oils through my website.  I encourage you to consider enrolling as a Wholesale customer to obtain the 25% off prices and access to special pricing on great oils and products through the year. Visit

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