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Baby Bear Valentine Quilt

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s been a little too cold for my taste outside so I decided to whip up this little gem yesterday.

Yes, in one day.  It was pure bliss of cutting, piecing and sewing and a very optimal way way to spend a January day.

Of course there were little boys running all over the place with school being out and I had to step away several times to catch snack scavengers in the kitchen, ensure pirates were not playing in the cold pool water outside, navigate the hallway war zone that required dodging Nerf shooters and plastic grenades on the way to the bathroom and check Lego Ninja training when I heard major thuds shake the house … but overall a very cool way to spend a Monday.

This quilt started with me pulling some remnants from my secret closet and thinking about what I could use to make a baby quilt for Valentine’s Day.  What I found was exactly enough of the heart fabric from the backing I used on our heart quilt last year for the backing on this little quilt. Exact amount – you know that is like a miracle.

I also settled on using a little pink sparkle fabric I had left over from another couple previous projects. Still have some of that left!  I think pink sparkles are going to forever live on my sewing machine. Love the sparkle but it’s a bugger to clean out of the machine when you’re done.

This little bear remnant fabric I had picked up from a discount clearance sale at JoAnn Fabrics. I love when they do half-off clearance and remnants. I seriously will buy as much of that as I can haul and have made so many fun projects from it. Well, in all honesty, I still have a slew of options in my secret closet for future projects too. However, it is very ideal when I get these awesome days to spend creating fun new things.

bear quilt 3

The pattern is simple, just 6 1/2 inch blocks in a row of 5 that made the quilt come out to a 30 inch by 41 inch blanket.  Personally, I think baby blankets are best when they are kept simple and fun.  As I had just enough for the backing I did  not opt to put on a border.

My quilting again was just a simple loop-to-loop meandering pattern. I use this a lot on the baby quilts as it goes fast and gives it a nice simple finish that makes it a little more modern on a basic quilt.

bear quilt 4

Here’s to getting to spend a Monday doing something fun!

bear quilt 2

I’ve posted this quilt for sale on our website

Share with me your Valentine projects!

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