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Caring for Our Family

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It may not seem like it when you’re with them every day but being with our family is good for us. These deep relationships enrich our lives and give us blessings each and every day. Yes, those blessings are happening even when the kids are fighting, the house is a mess or you’re knee deep in laundry. This is life and we can still find that peace and contentment to take in the value of our family amidst all of the other stuff.

There is a statistic in life insurance that says a married man will live longer than a single man. One of the thoughts behind this statistic is that men are thought to live less hazardously when they are married. Other health factors increase when married however including risk for obesity and heart attacks but overall men on average live longer when they are married. That statistic has not moved much in many years.

Even if we are introverts and prefer to spend a lot of time to ourselves, having family near us is good for our emotional and physical health. We have a connection to another in this world that we may not share anywhere else in our life. We have a place to be ourselves, feel safe, feel love and even be silly. Yes, having family is our lifeline. It reminds us that love is the biggest emotion, feeling, lesson and reason we are here. On good days and bad your family is where you should be able to rest your head and heart from all else in the world.

Modern Families

Not all families are healthy and some have difficult circumstances and situations that can be deeply painful and traumatic. We don’t always get along with one another either which can also turn to pain, hurt feelings and even distance from one another. All families will have disagreements from time to time and unfortunately some will have deeper hurts that can last a lifetime. The bonds of a family are very difficult to break but sometimes even they break given enough hurt.

Many families today are blended from past marriages and relationships, adoptions, and so on. What makes up a family is no longer a simple matter of two people having children. There are a lot of homes today that are multi-generational to support aging parents, help with child care or even just for financial reasons. Sometimes it works out to have all these different personalities and generations in one home and sometimes it too presents challenges that can strain even the best of relationships.

Navigating these numerous situations is not always easy. On top of these challenges most of us are working and trying to take care of every day life as well so there is lots of stress which can lead to a lack of patience, exhaustion, and irritation we can express to one another. It’s not that we don’t love each other but it’s not always easy to have the energy, focus, strength and rest to go from a stress filled work day to a busy home where no one is getting along on a particular day.

Lots of Personalities

We would all love for our family life to be pleasant all the time and it’s really nice when it is that way. Everyone is getting along, we are having fun with each other and it is just pleasant. It’s wonderful when it is easy going. Just like on TV right?

However, even related we are each our own unique person and sometimes our feelings and moods are different than everyone else. Even in a crowd we must listen to what is right for us. Perhaps that’s going off to read a book while others watch a movie or being more quiet than normal. It doesn’t mean we are less in love with our families but it just means we have needs that sometimes are best served with a little space.

There is a full spectrum of feelings and some we may not even realize we are experiencing. I love these color wheels that help put a label on those feelings and offer an oil that supports or helps with it but sometimes I just need something different than even what this offers.

In our house we use the doTERRA Aromatherapy Emotion oils a lot. There are just times when one oil or another from this set is perfect for what I’m feeling or what I observe in my house. It is a simple set of 6 oils blends that have basic labels on them. These 6 oils in the set are each curated and blended to support our emotions and feelings across the spectrum. It’s a great place to start when you’re just needing to sort a few things out or are looking for a little help over nervousness, sadness or feeling withdrawn.

Motivate is for when we are lacking confidence, courage or just energy to do something. It is excellent for when we are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or have some digestive or achy feelings.

Cheer is great for supporting those times when we feel anxious or nervous. It also helps when we are sad, blue or down. It helps us feel more positive.

Passion is also great for supporting sad feelings, low energy, brain fog and memory as well as hormonal related emotions.

Forgive is for those times of irritability, anxious feelings and low tolerance.

Console works when we have bigger grief and need reassurance from fear, sadness, releasing pain.

Peace is for calming feelings associated with insecurity, worry, fear, nervousness, uncertainty, stress.

These oils come as a roller ball set or 5ml bottle set or they can be purchased individually. They have all been used in my house and I find I am drawn to certain ones regularly but all of them are very pleasant to use even as a personal fragrance daily.

Interested in more?

It’s ok to not want to be with your family every waking minute of the day and sometimes even though we love them it’s ok to have a little space. Sometimes caring for our family means supporting how we’re feeling and how others in the house feel too. Supporting those feelings is a wonderful way to help us enrich these deeply meaningful bonds and enjoy them.

If you have questions about these oils or would like more information, please reach out.

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