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Chocolate Cows, Life and Self-Love

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I love watching how our son’s mind works.

You can see his active imagination grab hold and create these crazy fun stories and wild out of this world ways that he thinks things might work.  My all time favorite so far was when he was 3 and we were talking about why the next day was a special day.  That day in question was the first anniversary of his adoption.

His story was so funny I wrote it all down and have saved it for him when he’s older.  I’m sharing it with you today to demonstrate a point:

The Chocolate Cow Brought You

March 30, 2014

At dinner tonight I asked you if you knew why tomorrow is special.

You said “ummm” and tried to figure it out.

Then you said “cow.”

“Cow?” I asked

“COW!” You yelled

“What does a cow have to do with it?” I asked

“Goose” You said

“A goose too?” Dad said

“Duck” You said

Then you and Daddy started quacking and honking.

So I looked at Dad and asked what does any of this have to do with tomorrow?

“Everything, because he said so.” He told us.

I then asked you again why tomorrow is special and this was your reply (I’m summarizing):

“A chocolate cow was being chased by a duck and a goose and you were riding on the cow. The only way the cow could outrun the duck and goose was to leave you in our mailbox.”

We had a very big giggle about this whole story.

It’s a silly story but dad said ours doesn’t include a stork but a chocolate cow because that’s what you were riding you said.

Regardless of chocolate cows, storks or the circumstances that really did bring you here, tomorrow is special because you will always know you belong here, with us. You are one of us. You belong in our family.

We love you and are very grateful to the chocolate cow.

Love, Mom and Dad

If a Stork Can Deliver Babies, Why Can’t a Cow?


As adults we are told it is immature to act certain ways or to do things that are not intended for someone our age.

Who made up these rules any way?

When we hold back and disable our creativity our souls hurt. We can literally feel constrained, depressed, anxious and even start to have self-worth questions. That’s because we were made to be creative. This is our gift and we each have it.

While that story is of a 3 year old who didn’t understand what adoption was and was fascinated with cows and birds, the point is each of us has a creative spirit just as big as a child’s if we would only let it blossom.

One of the best ways to support self-love is to let that creativity pour out from you. Doing so is so healthy for your emotions and spirit. Creativity feeds your energy and increases your focus for others areas of your life.

Letting Our Creative Souls Soar

Being creative requires us to let go of constraining thoughts or limitations we think about ourselves, our capabilities and what someone else has told us we should or should not do. Letting that free feeling come out to create and express anything that inspires us and in any medium we like to use is an expression of our own being.

It really is an expression of self-love.


Making heart from sand

That expressive action could literally be a paint brush in your hand, writing, story-telling, dancing, cooking, gardening or anything you can think of that you like to do and are completely free in doing. The point is to let your creative and imaginative soul out so you can express yourself.

These oils are excellent for supporting creativity and inspiration so you can let that soul of yours out.

Patchouli is the oil of spiritual connection. It supports the manifestation of taking our dreams and visions and bringing them into real life.


Clary Sage – is the oil of release. It supports opening our creative mind and releasing things that are holding us back including creative blocks and limiting beliefs.


Cinnamon is an oil of power and passion. This oil supports that flowing creative energy and liveliness that comes when we are most creative.


Lemon is a support oil for creative focus and clearing the mind of things that are interfering with our creative work.


Interested in more?

Practicing self-love through creative activities increases our energy and gives us what we need to build onto our self-love.  So get friendly with your local brown cow and take a ride!

If you have questions about any of the oils in this post or any other oils please reach out!

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