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Command Central – The Life of the Thyroid

The thyroid is an interesting gland that controls so much in our bodies.

Located in our necks and sitting comfortably between our larynx and trachea the thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that is the central command throughout our body.


There is very little this gland is not involved in when it comes to daily operations of our body. Virtually every cell in the human body is controlled by this gland and helps regulate human body functions.

Many will not realize when their thyroid isn’t working properly or stops working all together. There are signs and these should be discussed with your provider.

The signs may be fatigue, weight gain or loss, hair loss, hand tremors, coldness in extremities, mood swings, anxiety and depression. These symptoms can be misdiagnosed easily for other problems. The only way to know the health and function of your thyroid is through a blood test. Men and women are both likely to have thyroid problems.

Once diagnosed with either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism there is a treatment available that often brings significant improvements to how you feel.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago when a doctor noticed my hands always shook and we were having problems with fertility. Medication helps tremendously but I have recently started using essential oils to supplement the medication. Where my hands were noticeably shaky before, even with medication, I have noticed small improvements as well as just a general sense of more energy and alertness.

My preferred essential oil blend for is to take a roller ball container and add:

  1. 5 drops Myrrh

  2. 5 drops Basil

  3. 10 drops Lemongrass

  4. 10 drops Marjoram

  5. Fill rest with fractionated coconut oil

Each evening when I take my prescribed medication, I also apply the roller ball directly to my neck in a couple quick swipes over the area where my thyroid is located.

There are different oils that can be used for thyroid support. It is highly recommended you do your research and find what works best for you.

I also recommend you inform your provider that you are complimenting prescribed treatment with essential oils so they can track differences in your blood work.   Please know some providers may not believe or support alternative health options such as essential oils. However, there are many that do and many are open to the discussion. It is better to find a provider that is open to the idea rather than not tell them what you are complimenting prescribed medical treatment with. They need to know so you can openly discuss any side effects and changes you are experiencing.

Interested in more?

If you are interested in using essential oils as part of your alternative health journey, please let me know. I’m very happy to help you find the oils that are perfect for you.

Order your oils from me! doTERRA’s oils are CPTG tested to ensure they are always 100% free of synthetics, chemicals or fillers.

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