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Daily Health Habits Challenge

Starting April, 2 doTERRA is hosting a health habit challenge.  It is an opportunity to be more mindful of our habits and promote a way to achieving better health.

I personally love this challenge because it is one every one can do.

This challenge includes those that already have good healthy habits like exercising every day to all the way to the other side of the spectrum of those that are overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Or if you’re like me, you know you can do better and just need a good swift kick you know where to get it going.

The Challenge requires use of the products listed below. So from this I can tell,

  1. There is going to be some ex cerise since they have the Deep Blue

  2. They’re going to focus on diet with the Lemon and TerraZyme

  3. They’re going to detox us with the Lemon and PB Assist+

  4. They’re going to replenish and nourish us with the Life Long Vitality Pack (3 brown supplement bottles)

  5. They’re going to boost our immune systems with the OnGuard

  6. And lastly they’re going to recharge and restore us with the Frankincense, Lavender and Balance


Seems like a good healthy habit routine to me!

Of course there will be prizes, as in every day something will be won by some lucky health habit challenger! That alone is often a motivator for people to participate. However, if you did not win a prize at all during any of the 30 days of April, you would still win by simple virtue of working on improving your health.

To participate, simply post a picture of your products shown above on the Facebook posting on the doTERRA page and watch for the daily i