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Detoxing the Bathroom

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I think I’m like most people when I say this… the bathroom is my least favorite room to clean. I realize this room needs regular cleaning and it looks much better when it is cleaned but I dread having to do it. There are so many other unpleasant chores that rank higher in my book of desired chores than scrubbing a toilet.

Making the situation worse, is the exposure we can have not only to the situation in the bathroom but the products we use to deal with said situation. The cleaners aimed at keeping a bathroom clean are some of the most hazardous in a home. In our quest to kill germs, fight mold and soap scum and eliminate odors the typical set of bathroom cleaners necessitate wearing a hazmat suit and armor before using.

Today I’m going to outline what I found that works in this room and how some of the products you may find in your cabinet for cleaning the bathroom are honestly a toxic waste to you and our planet. These will not only save you a bunch of money on your cleaning products but do a great job at keeping this special room clean, disinfected and ready for action.

The Throne

Yes, the throne, commode, toilet, potty or whatever you call it in your home is a seat in constant need of sanitizing and cleaning.

What Are the Main Ingredients in The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

The average toilet bowl cleaner typically contains these 4 primary ingredients:

  1. Hydrochloric acid

  2. Chlorine bleach

  3. Sodium Lauryl Suplphate

  4. Citric acid

The mixture of these ingredients is highly toxic. Add in chemically based fragrances and the toxicity increases even more. While these ingredients provide a glistening toilet bowl and do eradicate anything living in the toilet they also expose us to significant risks to our skin and respiratory systems. Further when you flush these ingredients down after cleaning the bowl, they implicate aquatic life, fish and the water system.

Switching Your Bowl Cleaner

What I do instead that kills the germs, ensures a white toilet bowl and does not harm me or the planet is this: