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Diffusing Dilemmas

A quick search on Pinterest for what to put in your diffuser can literally make you go crazy! It’s bananas how many different concoctions people have come up with to use in their diffuser.

  1. Feeling blue and need a pick me up?

  2. Looking to unwind?

  3. Need to remove the toxic odor coming from your son’s room?

  4. Want to reminiscence of warmer weather?

At last check, I had 231 different pins just on diffuser blends and recipes. Every time I open Pinterest there are more options I happily click to my board. By the time I select one to try I need to put a different one in the diffuser to manage the stress from finding a concoction in the first place!

Over time I’ve come up with a few tried and true favorites from my Pinterest board and some I’ve come up with all on my own. My top 3 current favorites from Pinterest include:

I think I need a Betty Crocker Cookbook of just diffuser blends put into nice little tabbed category sections with clever tips and shortcuts and pictures of fantastic results. 

What’s in your diffuser?

How do you choose?

Interested in more?

You’re welcome to check out my diffuser blend board here: 

If you have questions or want to learn more about doTERRA please contact us via this blog or at

Happy Diffusing!

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