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Does It Really Not Matter?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I have read several blog articles and op-ed pieces recently that say it doesn’t matter if your essential oil is sourced from some far reaching corner of the globe, a sacred jungle or from a corporate farm. The thought being the quality of the oil is just as good regardless of these sources. If you go to the jungle for your oil or buy it through a direct marketing person, you are just overpaying for no good reason.

I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all must make decisions that are right for our family but I want to talk through some questions I had when I read these articles.

Are You Sure It Doesn’t Matter?

To put this into perspective, let me ask it this way. What would you choose if the price was the same from these two options… would you rather:

  1. Give you child a medication that is generic and you have no background of how it was made, where it came from or what it went through to get to you. They tell you it will work though.

  2. Give your child a medicine that could be demonstrated clearly to you where it came, how it was made, that it was individually tested to be safe and was pure.

As a mom to my growing boy, I know which I would choose. You bet it matters what I give myself and my family. It absolutely without exception needs to be safe, pure and tested. Plus I’m paying for it and if price is the same I’ll take “the good stuff” please and thank you.

While essential oil prices widely vary between brands, and we have to make budget conscious decisions, if you have the choice don’t skimp when it comes your health.

Are You Sure All Sources are Equal?

With so many essential oil brands on the market right now, where these oils are derived from and produced also greatly differs company to company. Some contain only manufactured scent and chemical ingredients, others are a mix of real plants and chemicals and some are pure plant.

The doTERRA oils are sourced globally from primarily individual family farms; some of those locations are in fact third world countries where farming is still done by hand. What each bottle says on the label is all that