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Essential Oil Resources

Before the internet, a lot of family homes had an encyclopedia set and a family medical reference book. Both were resources families would use to find information and look up home remedies and basic First Aid before calling the doctor.

Today, the Internet dominates when it comes to research and reference needs but there is something to be said for having a real book on hand for some level of assurance the information you are seeking is accurate.  I personally still prefer occasionally to have a real book for some things.

There are two books I use frequently to build my knowledge of essential oils. When I’m asked what I use or would recommend for oils, these are my go-to books for information.  When I’m looking for a new roller ball blend to treat something, I refer to these books. When I’m not sure what diffuser blend would be best, I start here.

The Essential Life 3rd Edition and Emotions & Essential Oils 6th Edition.

These books are a wealth of information and have quickly become my version of going to for health information.

The Essential Life 3rd Edition comes in both a hardback and spiral bound copy. Each page is beautifully laid out with pictures, lists, information, and resources to safely use, apply, and blend essential oils. Specific physical and emotional concerns and how essential oils can be used in these situations is also included.  There is a quick reference chart in the front section of all kinds of conditions and references to specific oils and conditions throughout the book. There is also a really large reference source in the back of the book if you want to do further research on the information.

Emotions & Essential Oils 6th Edition is a wonderful book! It comes with a two sided laminated circle chart outlining which oils to use when you feel good (yellow side of card) or blue (blue side of card). Inside the book is a thoughtful description of oils and oil uses for managing a very wide range of emotional concerns.  I really love that it speaks to blends of oils as well as singular oils.  There is also a good deal of information about the history of each oil and how it helps support our emotional state.

These books can be purchased online at a variety of retailers. Prices will vary from $12 – $30.  I purchased both of these from as I found the best prices there.

Interested in more?

If you’re looking for resources to guide your oil journey, I highly recommend The Essential Life 3rd Edition, in hardback or spiral bound copy, and Emotions & Essential Oils 6th Edition.

If you’re ready to start your oil journey, please let me know! I’m happy to get you started with a Home Essentials Kit that contains the 10  more used oils and a high quality diffuser. Contact me at

Online class available tomorrow!!! This will be a Facebook Live event in a closed group. To participate you must email me at to be added to the group.

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