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Family Fun Nights

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

At our house our favorite family fun night includes movies while eating buttery popcorn and our favorite junk food. It is nice to cuddle up, relax and enjoy one another while watching something we can all enjoy, not worrying about calories or carbs and just being. We do enjoy the occasional board or card game but we tend to gravitate to movies more often when we’re looking for an ideal night in for all of us. Our weeks are usually busy with everyone focused on their own things so it is nice to come together and spend time doing something relaxing. It feels good to unwind and enjoy a little time cuddled together with those we love.

In addition to the popcorn, favorite drinks and the movie I like to set up a diffuser in the family room to support that feeling of relaxation and comfort. Being comfortable and open with those around you is an important practice that allows us to rejuvenate ourselves but also quietly bond with those we love. There are oils that can support those feelings and create that desired effect. Here are a few of my favorites:

Action Flicks

When we watch suspenseful or even scary movies it can make you jump or feel nervous. My heart will start racing and I’ll be the one that jumps or closes my eyes at parts that I find scary. Even if the movie isn’t scary but rather just suspensful or action packed it can set my heartbeat to rapid.

I love this oil blend in the diffuser to keep me calm during these kinds of movies and hope that it has a peaceful ending of some sort.

  1. 3 drops Lemon

  2. 3 drops Vetiver

This lovely blend is both relaxing and opening.

Comedy, Animation and Kids

These lighthearted films are probably my favorite. I find these types of movies relaxing, fun and I love when I find opportunities to see my family laugh.

  1. 3 drops Ylang Ylang

  2. 3 drops Tangerine

This is a pretty diffuser blend that is light, cheerful and supports happy fun times.

Romance and Drama

On family night we typically don’t watch too many romantic or drama based movies but for those times we do get a chance to catch a good drama this oil blend in a diffuser is quite sublime.

  1. 3 drops Cedarwood

  2. 3 drops Marjoram

  3. 2 drops Vetiver

Interested in more?

No matter the type of family movie or activity you choose there is a diffuser blend to support the mood, feeling and connections of being together as a family. Those precious moments however simple are memories in the making. Including essential oils in these experiences will enrich the evening for everyone.

If you have questions about the products described in this post, please let me know. I’m happy to help with any questions to guide you to what is right for your family’s needs and interests.

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