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Fat Shame

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It’s a sensitive subject talking about weight. It’s something we can’t always hide or “cover up” yet we rarely openly talk about it. In a society where we are supposed to be accepting and open to all regardless of gender, religion, color or culture we are still greatly discriminatory towards someone who is overweight.

The number I see on the bathroom scale is something I don’t tell anyone

I dread going to the doctor’s office knowing I have to step on that scale on the way to the exam room

My driver’s license does not have my current weight on it

I cut out or mark out the size in my pants and shirts to hide what size they are

I change the subject when weight comes up

Society makes us feel bad if we’re not the ideal weight or within range just battling a couple pounds. We are ridiculed for being seen eating something considered unhealthy if we are overweight. We are pitied in the gyms, parks and other exercise related activities for huffing to catch our breath or needing to pause yet are told no one is looking at us and keep going. The emotional and physical toil of being overweight and having these feelings and frustrations can make it feel impossible to get over the hump of getting started to a healthy weight.

You Get to Ignore Them

At the end of the day the only person we need to answer to is ourselves. We have to live with the decisions, choices and actions we have taken. The noise of society can interrupt furiously but it’s still there for us to hold true. Unfortunately, to silence the nonacceptance, ridicule, dirty looks and other we endure it does require us to find our own voice and speak our own truth. Until we do that, the noise from external will continue to slow our vision of what we want and what is right for our life.

We are not meant to conform and fit in. Each person is unique and has their own version of their best self they can bring out. The more we listen to others and the expectations we should fit into the more likely we are to find the noise of society overruling what is right for us and our health.

These oils help you find your voice and even if just talking to yourself helps you overcome the noise that weighs on us as we strive to figure out what is our right path.

Spearmint – diffusing this oil helps to open your voice and sort through your opinions of yourself so you can speak clearly your own opinions and thoughts

Wintergreen – is the oil to help you let go of what others think and expect of you so you can set your own path

Cardamon – is the oil of self-expression and helps to open your eyes and mind to the bigger picture of what truly matters

Helichrysum – is the oil of transformation and helps you work on transitions from where you are held back to where you want to flourish